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Bob Lenahan
18th Sep 2013, 03:52
I'm planning to put in a set of wood stairs from the main floor of the house up to the second floor. The stairs will be 1.7 meters wide with a wall (hall) on each side. So, I was thinking about using a 2x10 plank bolted to each wall and two planks spaced in between. Of course (I suppose) the profile of the steps will be cut into the planks.
My question is, are 2) 2x10 planks okay, or should I use 3) 2x10 planks, or 2) 2x12.
Thanks for your ideas!

18th Sep 2013, 06:57
Depends on your building code.

1.7 meters is very wide, where I am you would need at least two stringers within the width of the stairs. They should be at least 2x12" and there will be a minimum 'meat' required (depth of the uncut area.) There may be different rules where the risers support the treads.

We would also need steps (going) cut from a minimum 5/4 material (1. 1/4").

Personally I like the steps and risers to be routed into the 'end' stringers, that way the stringers have the full 11.5" of 'meat.'

There is usually a requirement to design the going and rise to conform to a formula, eg, two risers and one going to be between 21" and 27" with upper and lower limits for the risers and goings.

You'd be surprised how odd stairs feel if they don't comply, or nearly comply with code dimensions.

Check out prices for local manufacturers, the last time I needed complicated stairs it was only about 10% higher than the cost of the material to have them made.

Bob Lenahan
18th Sep 2013, 19:36
Okay. Thanks a lot. Chris.

19th Sep 2013, 02:04

Nowadays, before I set out on just about any DIY project I do some research on YouTube to check out others' ideas - and possibly to see whether I can find an excuse to buy myself a new woodworking tool ;)

Good luck with the stairs!