View Full Version : 1960s Rank Organisation 'Look at Life' film.

17th Sep 2013, 19:07
Not sure about the politically incorrect method of getting the disabled gentleman on an aeroplane!

Look At Life 1960's Scrambling - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bY2jvzAWR2k#t=3)

Loose rivets
17th Sep 2013, 20:45
Wot I want to know is, why did this admirable link turn to teaching me the Moonlight Sonata? I watched Horowitz play the first movement, but then, then, came the tutorial by a nerd. Chop 'is fingers orf! I heard myself crying. Tilly Todd. Doesn't he know about rolling those triplets? Nope, he doesn't . . . where's my wine?

18th Sep 2013, 03:13
Them were the days! Designing and building a machine
then taking it out and thrashing it looking for bugs and
problems. None of this computer simulation tests crap.

Airlines provided real service back then. Picking up any
non-ambulatory pax and plonking him into a Viscount
seat without all that ludicrous PC bullshit was practical,
cheap and efficient.

The British motorcycle industry was a thriving enterprise
before the Japs got in on the act and wrecked it. I'm not
a cycle buff, but older mates I have who are into those
machines still regret the Brit industry demise.

Check the wall posters between 3:30 - 3:40. You won't
find that in any bloody Yamaha or Kawasaki factory!

18th Sep 2013, 03:36
Me thinks that 19 year old Dave Smith likes to read page 3 of the Sun...

18th Sep 2013, 11:38
I had to flinch as the swarf flew past the lathe operator's unprotected eyes. Sometimes H&S does have a purpose!

19th Sep 2013, 10:53
I wonder if that's the same Dave Smith who became the World 550 cc Moto Cross champion later on in life.