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G&T ice n slice
16th Sep 2013, 21:02
Who knew greying genitals were a problem? Amazon now stocking 30 labia dye to restore a 'rosy hue' | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2419876/Who-knew-greying-genitals-problem-Amazon-stocking-30-labia-dye-restore-rosy-hue.html)

build a better mousetrap... or something

16th Sep 2013, 21:04
Before and after . . .

16th Sep 2013, 21:27
Before and after . . .

Not really if you don't mind, specially the before. :ooh:

16th Sep 2013, 21:32
If it sells ... what does that say about whomever is buying this product?

A A Gruntpuddock
16th Sep 2013, 21:37
Worth reading the reviews!

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: My New Pink Button - Bettie (http://www.amazon.com/My-New-Pink-Button-Bettie/product-reviews/B002P0ST1K)

16th Sep 2013, 21:42

Some of those reviews are better than the Friday joke thread.

16th Sep 2013, 21:53
Yup, some of those reviews are gold. It does make me wonder however that some people have a little too much time on their hands (says I, here on JB...)

Regarding the product in question, shurely any food dye would do the trick? It would open up (ahem) a whole range of colour options.

16th Sep 2013, 21:55
dead pan

I would ask the question, at that age do you spend that
much time with your eyes down there ?

16th Sep 2013, 21:56
Would Tina Tuna have a black box?

Or is there something fishy?

I think we should be told.

16th Sep 2013, 21:57
Unless she was dead and the blood had stopped flowing
I would say it would be red / pink :O

Are the colour of a persons Lips a good check ?:O

16th Sep 2013, 22:01
Maybe one side could be red and the other green, to help you know which way was up?

16th Sep 2013, 22:07
dead pan

I was trying to eat my breakfast :O

But good one, at least you wouldn't mistake it for the brown one !

16th Sep 2013, 22:28
You'll have to dig a bit deeper to get to the bottom of this subject.

Amazon.com: Dr. Pinks Anal Brightening Cream - Natural Ingredients - No Hydroquinone - All Skin Types,50 ML/1.7 FL OZ: Health & Personal Care

I shudder to think.
But then maybe it's best not to do that at all...

16th Sep 2013, 22:48
When I am persuaded to err talked into ok forced against my will to err hum go down my eyes are clamped shut so I don't even know what colour the thing is your inferring too.
PS I find a gas mask a useful accessory if you find yourself in this predicament.

16th Sep 2013, 22:52
Our Intimate Brightening Cream has been carefully designed to gently yet effectively brighten one's sensitive areas such as the ..., ..., ... and under arms.

Who needs shimmering underarms?

Does it hurt right after shaving?

16th Sep 2013, 23:00
Do these come in a range of flavors? :E

By far this was the best -

By Count Beefula "Beefy" (http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A1JGLYZE9UU229/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdp) (NYC)

This review is from: My New Pink Button - Bettie (Health and Beauty)
I got the ole misses some of this cooter cream cause although
she is a classic let's just say she wasn't garage kept. We both
enjoyed ourselves as I waxed her squack and the dye really
brought out the original finish. My only question comment is
that I wish it had that new car smell, or maybe leather. But
anyway, I've been inside my wife all week and it's been a great

16th Sep 2013, 23:04
I reckon some of these reviews are taking the piss.

But they are funny.

16th Sep 2013, 23:08
Yep I think they are too 500 but I think the squack waxer was genuine.

17th Sep 2013, 07:53
the squack waxer was genuine

"Friend" of yours?

Lon More
17th Sep 2013, 07:57
More worrying is Customers who viewed this item also viewed
Dr. Pinks Anal Brightening Cream - Natural Ingredients - No Hydroquinone - All Skin Types,50 ML/1.7 FL OZ Dr. Pinks Anal Brightening Cream - Natural Ingredients - No Hydroquinone - All Skin Types,50 ML/1.7 FL OZ

G&T ice n slice
17th Sep 2013, 15:54
[QUOTE]This product beats Dr. Brown's hands down!When I now walk my dog,Duke,I am no longer embarrassed and I get a million positive comments (although I also get a lot of questions about the bite marks on my arms.)[/

Ahhh.. it's for dogs