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15th Sep 2013, 19:12
Is it just me, but in the last 2 months, definitely the last month, many of the prolific posters of JB and pproon have simply faded into grey and are no longer posting at all/much. Que pasa hombre :confused: It could be that everyone has decided to get a life and do real things etc etc, but it's just strange that so many in the same time period have done the same. Or maybe I've put them all on my ignore list when asleep :)


15th Sep 2013, 19:37
I was totally addicted to this site for a good few years. Drifted away a little after setting up another forum for some unhappy jb'ers, then came the book of faces and I never really got back into the habit of coming here regularly. I think it's a bit like going back to your local pub after being away a few years, others have drifted, new people have arrived and you're no longer part of the clique.

15th Sep 2013, 19:47
'It's a vast right wing conspiracy.'

Hillary Clinton.

15th Sep 2013, 20:13
I'm still here sitting on the sofa. :ok:

15th Sep 2013, 20:31
I'm still here sitting on the sofa.

Of course you are! Sorry, I was looking at the other side of the room ;)

This is not really about those who have drifted away (for a while), but more the realisation that the many who debated ad infinitum over position of political view, nuances in sentences, two flies dancing on a dog poo, have stopped and gone.......I've never had the time or inclination to get into lengthy debates about subjects various on the interweb and watch fascinated from the sidelines as the keyboard gladiators spar untiringly with links/sources/witnesses etc and pithy put downs :} That now seems to be yesterday's news.


15th Sep 2013, 20:42
Must admit I have found JB rather tedious of late, especially with all the repetition of threads and all the nitpicking 'private' discussions with some who never seem to go offline.

15th Sep 2013, 20:53
Yes - well, a forum is what you make it. If you find threads and posts boring, start some interesting ones of your own. The lack of posters may also be due to the fact that in some parts of the world July, August and September are peak holiday times.

16th Sep 2013, 01:12
The RWS Executive Committee

was busy meeting in Jackson Hole WY.


16th Sep 2013, 01:14
Where on Earth went dead for a while and now quite a few people
have come back to it and it is quite active - and good.

16th Sep 2013, 02:46
IMHO think it's just turning into a whinge-fest. It's where far too many come to complain about something or anything. JB used to be a fun place, but most of the humour and banter seems to have disappeared.

When I first joined there were a number of threads running about the Grey Ghosts - the Shackleton aerobatic team. They were funny and entertaining - brought a smile to the face.

Two years ago I wrote an article about being a rear gunner on Vulcans. It was treated with so much derision that I chose not to follow up with a continuation. More recently I wrote about the activities of Biggles during the Napoleonic era. If the army had Major Sharpe and the navy had Horatio Hornblower then why not Biggles. But no one picked it up and the thread just died.

So now just leave it to those who come here to whinge. They're welcome.

16th Sep 2013, 02:55

Plenty of banter on WoE, too much for some it seems
but good humoured all the same.

Lightning Mate
16th Sep 2013, 08:35
Some of us are still here, although JB doesn't add to ones' post count.

16th Sep 2013, 14:25
Where on Earth went dead for a while and now quite a few people
have come back to it and it is quite active - and good.

I've just gotten back to the point where I can check in once in a while. That said, I'm off and running again. Life just got busy is all.

16th Sep 2013, 15:02
Where's Whirls?
She sent me a PM once
I keep it in a little box with a ribbon around it

Alloa Akbar
16th Sep 2013, 15:53
Where's Whirls?]

She's either living as a hermit in Turnipshire, or she has sold her soul and returned to the rat race from which aviation was once an escape.. :eek:

There once was a woman from Berks,
with a car she never could park
but her idea of a fling
was rotary wing
and some beer in east anglian parts..

But Turnipshire began to turn cold
and she yearned for the scenery of old,
with her guitar in one hand
she returned to the land
of quaint pubs serving beer that is grand! :ok:

awaits a slap from Auntie Whirls.. :}

B Fraser
16th Sep 2013, 16:18
She now lives close to the troops
Who for their own safety, travel in groups
As once for a wager
she changed from a minor to Major
and they all ended up in the soup !

boom boom

16th Sep 2013, 17:20
There was a nice girl called Whirls,
Who has a big bike, it unfurls.
She rode to the sticks,
Then back again quick,
'Cos they cut off all of her curls.

Yes, it's true; she's been a bit quiet these days.

16th Sep 2013, 17:37
Getting mightily fed up with opening the joke thread only to find it's just lengthy conversations which are new.