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15th Sep 2013, 14:11
The Twelfth Anniversary of 9-11 came around and some of us went for a Motorcycle ride....from all over the Country they came....some are still on their way back home even. We had Riders from the West Coast, Gulf Coast, and from every State in the Country....and I bet some from Canada too.

The sight and sound of Hundreds of Thousands of Motorcycles is impressive.

The sight of sound of ordinary folk, police officers, firefighters, and EMT's showing their support and appreciation is really impressive.

The shame is the Media is afraid to show much attention to all of this as it does not fit their story line.

If you ride a Motorcycle....and have never been a part of a ride like this....you do not understand what you are missing.....come join us!

Lots of opportunities to ride....Rolling Thunder, Local Charity Rides, Funeral Escort with the PGR, come get involved.

A very well done amateur video from two years ago....but it gets the idea across what it like on a ride.


Americas 911 Ride - A Riders Perspective - YouTube

15th Sep 2013, 15:20

19th Sep 2013, 12:24
OFFICIAL TRAILER: The 9-11 Freedom Ride - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQYZkH-LFKs&feature=youtu.be)

19th Sep 2013, 13:39
SASless, I did the 9/11 Freedom ride in NY (Ground Zero to Bear Mountain) last year (sadly cancelled now) - riding with a no-stop pass, with a few thousand other bikes is an incredible experience!

19th Sep 2013, 13:45

Why was the ride canceled? Did His Majesty Bloomberg have anything to do with that?

19th Sep 2013, 14:16
BD.....let's do it with several hundred thousand bikes next year! A good warm up is Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day then the 9-11 Ride. You can bet the application for a Ride Permit is already under way for 9-11.

19th Sep 2013, 17:45
rgb, I believe it had something to do with the Ride Permit.

SAS - I'm up for that - though will need to get a bike that makes a little bit more noise than the BMW or Ducatti does for the event!

19th Sep 2013, 17:52

Haven't seen you posting for some time and it had me worried. I thought that, perhaps, His Majesty Micheal Bloomberg had you banned as well. :}:}:}

19th Sep 2013, 18:08
BD....you can always make motorcycle noises with your mouth and profile on the Beemer!

It is the presence that counts not what you ride!

19th Sep 2013, 18:49
American bikers are a national treasure. They are overwhelmingly
patriotic, and they tend to have an uncanny ability to see through bullsh*t.

19th Sep 2013, 19:20
I visited New York in 2007 and paid my respects at ground zero. Quite eerie seeing the site at first hand after seeing the whole day unfold live on TV. I was quite privileged to meet and talk to some Law Enforcement guys who were on duty at the time and quite sad to see how profoundly affected they were. These biking events are the first I've heard of but they are a great idea. :ok:


19th Sep 2013, 19:27

Fast-forward to 2013 and what you saw at ground zero back in 2007 now looks like the photo on the left, and will eventually look like the photo on the right.


19th Sep 2013, 19:32

Another photo:


19th Sep 2013, 19:34
Quite amazing progress.
I'll have to travel across the pond again to see for myself the difference.

19th Sep 2013, 19:36
A few days after 9-11, I flew back to Saudi for work. As we flew north we passed by the WTC site which was still spewing smoke. Having watched the second aircraft hit the Tower while having my morning coffee....seeing the site from overhead was a very poignant moment for all of us aboard that aircraft.

9-11 was the Baby Boomer Generation's Pearl Harbor.....and much more deeply engrained as so many of us saw it happen either in person or while watching Television.

We shall never forget that Day.....or those who committed and supported such an atrocity.

19th Sep 2013, 19:39
I only went to the World Trade Center once. We took a limo to the front door and rode the express elevator to Top of the World restaurant. It was a very special evening to sit and watch the lights of Manhattan twinkle from our exalted perch. That was 1988.

When the towers fell I was in Provence, part of the force upholding the no-fly zone over Kosovo. I recalled the maître d', and the staff privileged to work at such an icon as the Top of the World at the World Trade Center, NY, NY. I've tried, but can't get a grip on what the people in the buildings that day perceived, then reacted to. It was the most tragic day in my life, and entailed great personal grief and economic cost.

I can't forgive Islamic Jihad, ever, and will always seek the opportunity for honorable and specifically targeted revenge. The attack on us was unprovoked, unjustified, and motivated by bigotry and hatred. I sincerely hope to answer it at the appropriate time and place.

19th Sep 2013, 19:43
I'm sure you're well aware, BenThere, that the entire staff of the Windows on the World restaurant perished in the attacks*. Some of the staff were there for many years before then.

They joined my cousin who also perished in the attacks. Making that incident even more personal for me.

Then again, revenge is sweet.

*the 79 who were on duty that morning.

19th Sep 2013, 19:50

I had a mate from Aus fly into NY around that time to go to a competition.

By pure chance I had the TV on here in Aus at 2.00am and saw
the footage, thinking I hadn't seen the movie so turned up the
volume. Then I realised.

I didn't know if he was already there, flying in that morning
or what so I tried calling him on his mobile. At 5.00am I drove
to work in Melbourne as I knew I had info there on how to get him.

At about 6.00am my mobile went, it was him and he was calling
me so I could call his parents in Melb and let them know he was OK.

wings folded
19th Sep 2013, 20:07
During my frequent trips for work to New York, I often stayed in the Vista Hotel at the foot of the towers, and I ate more than once in the rezzie at the top of one of the towers. Both obliterated.
I had a friend, not a close friend, but a friend nonetheless, who perished on September 11th.
Last Wednesday I thought of him and others who did not see the 12th. I also thought of many other lives cut short by atrocities of that genre, including those carried out by the IRA, ETA and many other outfits.
Can we remenber them too? I hope so.

19th Sep 2013, 20:15
My thoughts go out to everyone but for some reason,
I always remember Rick Rescorla.

Survived the Battle of Ia Drang Valley but then had
the conviction to stand up to then bosses where he
worked to drill into them the procedure to evacuate.
And then because he thought of others first, he didn't
make it out himself but saved thousands because of
what he had done.

Just one of the many heroes that day.

8th Oct 2013, 22:24
Obama ordered the Park Service to inflict the maximum hurt possible and amongst the things they did was shut down all the War Memorials and other Memorials in Washington.

WWII Honor Flights bringing WWII Vets to the WWII Memorial were told the Memorials were closed. Some folks moved the Barrycades and in the Veterans went. Subsequently, other Veterans were told they would be arrested if they entered the Memorial.

Congressmen showed up and it seems the Memorials have been opened for the Veterans by the Park Service as they used the excuse the Vet's visits were protected by the 1st Amendment. Mind you the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Marine Corps Memorial were all Barrycaded and Vistors forbidden to enter the Memorials.

That kind of action by the Obama Administration has pissed a bunch of folks off!

The American Truckers are planning a "Shut Down America", three-four day long protest that is being widely supported by the American People. Bikers and other groups are joining in that protest.

Additionally, the Biker Group that did the 9-11 Ride are back at it again....escorting WWII Vets to the WWII Memorial. Also, they are planning a big Protest on Sunday, the 13th along with a lot of Veterans.

Odumbo is uniting the American People finally.....sadly for him....and his cronies....it is only half the population and is that part of the population who oppose his policies.

Million Veteran March on the Memorials - Here's to the Heroes - YouTube