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11th Sep 2013, 19:52
Does anyone find this as annoying, rude and abhorrent as I do? Im talking motorway or A road speeds, car in front winds window down and launches fag end out. Usually ends up hitting my windscreen. I smoke and I'd never think of doing this out of commn courtesy!

11th Sep 2013, 20:07
It's annoying and potential dangerous.

Many years ago, when living in London, I used to ride a motorcycle. Whilst stopped at a set of lights one evening a taxi driver chucked a cigarette butt out the window which ended up in my crotch. Before I managed to get rid of it the lights changed, so I held on to it until the next set of lights, waited until they were about to change and chucked it back in through his open window, before riding off. Probably not that wise, but it felt pretty satisfying at the time.

Noah Zark.
11th Sep 2013, 20:10
This is a habit of disgusting gits! Unfortunately indicative of a similar outlook on life in general, i.e., 'Sod it!'.
Also suffered similar in my motorcycling past, resulting in a boot in the door as I passed the ar$ehole!
Sod it!

11th Sep 2013, 20:21
Let's not always look at the dark end.

Perhaps it was a special kind of fag and he was offering to share it.

11th Sep 2013, 20:22
In Chicago there is $1500 fine when caught doing so. I believe other cities and states (in the US) have enforced the law. Good idea!

11th Sep 2013, 20:53
Yes, throwing butts out the window is disgusting - and over here easily
starts fires.

Isn't that what Ashtrays in cars are for ?

Although I use a round, lose ashtray
as it is easier to remove and clean.

11th Sep 2013, 20:56
Cigarette dropped from a window is subject to gravity. It will take roughly 0.5sec to hit the ground.
Wrong! A cigarette end will be carried by the airflow around the car(s).

11th Sep 2013, 20:57
I believe in a number of western US states, it is currently capable of causing major damage, killing people and a major destruction of property.

Somewhere about 200 years in jail without parole would be a fitting punishment......plus getting all the defendants 401k, savings and property to pay for the potential or actual damage.

11th Sep 2013, 21:28
A fire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mont_Blanc_Tunnel#The_1999_Fire) in the Mont Blanc Tunnel in 1999 is commonly attributed to a cigarette butt dumped overboard by some driver. It got sucked up by a trucks engine and set the air filter ablaze. The fire spread and 39 people were killed.

A freak accident, maybe. But there is a lesson in there, I believe.

11th Sep 2013, 21:35
There's a justifiably large fine for it here, as it regularly causes bush fires. In NSW, the EPA has a number you can call to report offenders, although it's not well publicised.
When I cycled to work it was common to see butts dropped from cars at the traffic lights. If I had an escape route, I would return it to the owner through the window. I've also been the recipient of a butt thrown out the window from a car in the adjacent lane.

11th Sep 2013, 21:40
Nowhere did I mention 'backward' - I stated that the cigarette would be 'carried' (ie blown) by the airflow - which has to part as the car penetrates the stationary air then forms into vortices. Ever seen the vortices from an aircraft passing through stationary air? A car disturbs the stationary air and the cigarette end, being light, will be tossed around by the resultant air disturbances.

Arm out the window
11th Sep 2013, 21:43
Although I use a round, lose ashtray as it is easier to remove and clean.

When the ashtray's full, that's when it's time for a new vehicle, isn't it?

11th Sep 2013, 21:44
Looking back at when I used to attempt to start campfire, I am completely and totally convinced that is absolutely impossible for a tossed cigarette from a car can start a forest fire.

Hell, I used paper, twigs, small kindling and even gasoline (petrol) and could not get a proper fire going.

Now you say all I have to do is just toss a lit cigarette on some wood and it will burst in to flames.

HA! Got news for you, tried that, didn't work. Last time I tried to build a camp fire, I gave up after about a dozen tries and went to a hotel and checked in.

Didn't need no stinkin' fire in a hotel room. :p

11th Sep 2013, 21:46
"When the ashtray's full, that's when it's time for a new vehicle, isn't it?"

Not quite, you then use the empty beer or rum bottles rolling
around on the passenger side floor and once they are full then
you move onto a new car.

Or toss everything from the front into the back of the Ute
and start again :O

11th Sep 2013, 21:48

You sound like a school mate of mine who couldn't light a fire
even with Silver birch bark shavings :O

11th Sep 2013, 21:51
You sound like a school mate of mine who couldn't light a fire
even with Silver birch bark shavings

True, but I can light charcoal with charcoal lighter fluid and a blowtorch. :E

Most of the time. :(

11th Sep 2013, 21:52
Con P, come to Sydney at the moment and try it with some eucalyptus leaves. We've had no rain for a month, and a couple of days ago, had hot winds up to 70+ kmh.

11th Sep 2013, 21:53

Move to Aus mate, you only need to drop a ciggy into grass with a north wind
for a 100 mile fronted raging bush fire to start.

11th Sep 2013, 22:22
Vortices schmortices, safe distance on an M-way is 200ft behind. No way are you gonna be hit by a fag at that range unless you're driving into a hurricane.

What planet do you live on where vehicles maintain an almost 70 yard (60+ metre) gap on a motorway? Might have been practicable 40 years ago - certainly isn't now.

11th Sep 2013, 22:25
Con - some 20+ years ago when "Outward Bound" was all the rage for rising execs, I got sent to Ashridge Management College for a short course.

When the Inhuman Resources man came by I told him to mark my card - "This man does NOT sleep under canvas"

So we arrive and shortly thereafter are being addressed by Sherpa Tensing about the following days exploits - then he sees my face!

"The arrangements not to your liking?" he asked - "Not when people don't read my terms of joining" I observed - and then commented - but tomorrow, before I come back here with you in your van, I will verily work the rear end off you!

The poor fellow thought he was dealing with some office softy - not someone who drove a desk for a few hours every day, then went home and drove a farm.

So after a fairly active day the participants arrived at a clearing where there was a wagon sheet, scaffolding poles, a set of stilsons, a few twigs and some firelighters.

I watched the poor dears wrestling with the wagon sheet and poles and so I built them a big tent draped over the poles, once erected as an A frame and ridge pole - I then turned to see one of my colleagues - remember - senior management material - with some fresh privet cuttings - and the firelighters!

It was going to be cold beef and frozen toes if he carried on.

Ten minutes later - with a cheery camp fire blazing away, I left for a nice warm bath.

I often wonder what the report back said! - probably "awkward - indepepndent" and spot on right! :ok:

Windy Militant
11th Sep 2013, 22:28
Years ago when I was an apprentice we were lectured on the need to use chemicals properly. We were given two examples that had recently occurred. the first was a cleaner who got blown out of the dunny he was cleaning by mixing chloride bleach and ammonia powder.
The second was where the gardeners were supposed to have spread fertiliser over the lawns by dissolving it in water and sprinkling from a can.
They decided it was too much work doing that, so they just broadcast the granules like seed onto the lawns and waited for rain However the rain did not come and having lain there in the sun for a few days it developed incendiary properties as some poor guy found out when after throwing the but from his lunch time tab into the grass it exploded quite vigourously starting a fairly large fire and putting the hapless smoker into hospital with flash burns. :eek:

12th Sep 2013, 02:52
Your cigarette stays where you dropped it. If anything, the cigarette is carried forward, not backwards, by the inertia of the vehicle.

Back to school.


it's not the vehicle inertia, but the fags inertia

both of you schoolboys stay after school

and to top it off one has to consider drag as well as lift.

If the fag was a roll-your-own and flattened on one end it probably would have a pretty good coefficient of lift as long as it remained stable and didn't stall out like most pilots would after smoking one :E

12th Sep 2013, 03:57
Every Australian State has littering laws and the various State agencies in charge of keeping Australia clean encourage civic-minded citizens to "dob in" litterers - with the ability to report a littering act, that has to includes all the details.
However, the system falls down because if the agency issues a fine on the basis of a report, then, all the offender has to do, is supply a Statutory Declaration stating they weren't there on that day, didn't do it, or the reporter was mistaken with some other detail. The fine is usually dropped. Cheap video cameras will now asist in making the evidence stronger.

However, at the end of the day, "dobbers" are hated in Australian culture, and there are too many people who would dob in someone with a fabricated report because they were "narky" with the particular person.
I know I have witnessed many hundreds of littering acts that have deeply offended me, but I wouldn't "dob" anyone in - it seems to grate with me.

Education is the order of the day, along with fines issued by official wardens or rangers, who are trained up and charged with the powers to issue fines.

In some Australian States, the fine for throwing a lit cigarette butt from a vehicle is up to $577.
Carelessly discarded lit cigarette butts have been responsible for some of Australia's worst bushfires, with destruction running into 100's of millions of dollars.

One local centre median strip was covered with woodchips, and it caught fire at least once a month from discarded lit cigarette butts. The local council removed the woodchips and substituted less-flammable mulch, and the fires stopped.

IMO, smokers are some of the most selfish people on the planet. They care little about their own health and even less about others who have to breathe in their second-hand smoke.

A rather coarse associate, who surprisingly, hates smoking, has a crude and effective technique to counter smokers.
If someone asks, "Do you mind if I light a cigarette" - said associate will reply - "Not if you don't mind me farting in your mouth!" :) :D

I think the following anecdote should probably happen to all smokers who happily throw butts from cars.

Brother and 3 mates were "cruising around" in the early 1960's in an old Holden (well it's an old Holden now, but it was a current model, then).
Typically, all windows were down and casualness was the order of the day. The driver was smoking, and one of the blokes in the back was wearing a pair of fairly loose baggy shorts, and sitting with his legs spread somewhat.

The smoking driver finished his cigarette, discarded the lit butt out of the window - whereby the slipstream caught it, and directed it straight into the open back window - whereby it promptly and amazingly, went straight up the opening in the leg of the shorts-wearing passenger!!

Howls of pain and much leaping around brought initial consternation, and then much mirth - from everyone but the bloke with the burnt nut-bag!
I don't think the event cured the driver from throwing butts out the window - but it did stop the bloke in the back from wearing shorts for a while!

12th Sep 2013, 07:02
What planet do you live on where vehicles maintain an almost 70 yard (60+ metre) gap on a motorway? Might have been practicable 40 years ago - certainly isn't now.

200 ft is safe. Most drivers don't stick to it, either because they don't know better, or because they somehow think it will get them there quicker or because if you leave more than one cars distance between you and the car in front some [email protected] will pull out in to it.

And of course last week broght drivers a wonderful example of what happen if you don't leave enough headway - Sheppey.

12th Sep 2013, 07:21
Vortices schmortices, safe distance on an M-way is 200ft behind. No way are you gonna be hit by a fag at that range unless you're driving into a hurricane.
Er...... motorways have things called "lanes". If you are passing a car and the driver tosses a fag out the window there is quite possible to be hit. I can assure you this is the case, having been hit on the vizor by said fag end more than once when on a bike and overtaking. Same applies on an "A" road, contrary to the understanding of some it is actually legal to overtake a slower vehicle, and to do so it is necessary to pass within a few feet.

I find it curious. Do those apparently defending the right of people to chuck fag ends out of the window actually believe it is acceptable, or is just a gut reaction to agrue against anyone and anything - presumably on the grounds that their poitics differ!!

12th Sep 2013, 08:07
Actually it's not just dog ends one needs to worry about. It is not unknown for long-distance lorry drivers to use an empty soft drinks bottle for "relief" and then toss it out the window. The motorway clean up guys have a mantra - "Don't drink the yellow pop"

Even worse, a good mate of mine, many years ago, was following a family in his open top sports car. The female in the rear seat had the baby on the pot, and just as my mate accelerated to pass them, she emptied the pot out of the window. Little slimy baby turds are not pleasant.

12th Sep 2013, 10:42
A buddy in CA owns a Citabria. He related to me a particularly amusing story involving a trip with himself at the controls, and his 19 yr old son as passenger (well, it was pretty amusing the way he described it!).

Son wolfs down a huge greasy hamburger right before takeoff. Buddy gets the Citabria wound up and travelling at his nominated FL120. Not long after reaching FL120, son says to Dad - "Oooh, I gotta do a No. 2 - and I gotta do it real soon!"

Dad is thoroughly annoyed at this, and being a tough bastard, abuses son and tells him he should have gone before they left!
He says, "It's taken me over 15 mins to get up here, along with a heap of fuel! - now you want me to find an airstrip, land again, use up another heap of fuel climbing back up to FL120 again - and delay our flight by another 45 mins or an hour or more!"

He hands him a plastic bag and tells him he's gotta do his dump in the bag and then throw it out!

Buddy relates to me - "Oh man, talk about STINK!! So then he opens the window and tosses the bag out - and IT CATCHES AROUND THE TAILPLANE!!" :eek:

"So then I gotta do a pile of fancy aerobatics trying to shake off this turd bag!! Talk about a hassle! It took me ages to shake it free!!"

I trust that he was travelling over an isolated area and the FAA didn't receive a complaint from someone on the ground, about getting whacked with a bag of turd, that fell out of the sky!! :rolleyes:

Lightning Mate
12th Sep 2013, 11:57
See what the trade in value of your car is after its' been smoked in.

12th Sep 2013, 12:02
It's easier to scrap them :O

12th Sep 2013, 12:14
Here in Botswana it's empty beer bottles you have to dodge.

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 12:28
If the filthy, disgusting, smelly and antisocial things were banned then the problem is solved.

12th Sep 2013, 14:15
Ah yes, what a surprise, the anti-smoking crowd exhibiting copious amounts of faux rage. (yes, I smoke.)

let me ask all the outrage-ees this. If the end of a cigarette butt (we don't call them fags here. That word is reserved for other things.) causes you to see red what about people who spit out their window which then lands on your windshield/windscreen in all its glory for the entire family to enjoy the sight of?

What about the people who insist on tossing their McDonald's hamburger wrapper out the window?

What about the pickup truck whizzing down the highway with piles of tree leaves blowing off the back?

What about that nasty habit so many truckers have of driving off to the side of their lane, throwing up hurricane speeds of sand, grit, dirt etc., which lands conveniently on your windshield or, worse, inside your car pelting you with the shit?

What about the lazy asses who refuse to scrape the snow and ice off the roof of their car, but decide to let nature take care of it? (On the highway where at 70mph the snow and ice on the aforementioned roof comes flying off. And lands, with a resounding thud - if you're lucky - on YOUR windshield)

I can think of a hundred things people toss out the window of their car while driving. Most much more dangerous than a cigarette butt. But we suddenly exhibit outrage at the sight of a 2mm piece of cotton and paper come flying our way?


12th Sep 2013, 14:19
Dak Man:

You can take those filthy, disgusting, smelly and antisocial thing out of my cold, dead fingers. Until then, deal with it.

(You must be a former smoker, no? Must former smokers exhibit signs of cigarette-Nazism at some point in their "reformed" lives.)

Right now. I think I'll take the elevator downstairs and have a smoke with the big-boobed blond I work with. (She smokes as well. However, whenever I smoke with her, her boobs have this nasty habit of staring at my eyes. How rude, the boobs.)

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 14:25
not that old chestnut RGB.....none of which regularly lead to death due to passive exposure. Never heard of death by exposure to flying leaves.

Nope, never once touched one single example of those abhorrent things.

It's an addiction and like all addicts you will find a reason to justify it by inferring things like Naziism to those opposed - only saying like.

Get a picture of those boobs please.

12th Sep 2013, 14:25
2mm piece of cotton and paper

Jeez, you smoke 'em right down, don't you?

I'm an ex-smoker (mainly pipe, the odd cigar), but ALWAYS hated the smell of cigarettes.

12th Sep 2013, 14:39
G-CPTN, GobonaStick, Basil and others: Just in case my own experiences may promote your own research and further your own knowledge, I've frequently disposed of the remnants of my mini-cigars (usually dead), but sometimes still alive in the frequent tunnels along the A8 here in France between Cannes and Monaco. I estimate the time before it hits the road (with resulting effects witnessed in the rear-view mirror) to be no longer than 1.5 to 2 seconds whilst travelling at 90-100 km/h. Very rarely do I otherwise throw remnants of my mini-cigars out elsewhere (always ensuring that they're dead - a smoker will be able to explain).

PS. My mini-cigars do not have filters etc. So I don't usually have any qualms about discarding them in the street, on the roads or elsewhere. They're just (expensively-procured) but just "dead leaves" at the end of the day. The sort which get cleared up by the council/s every autumn in abundance... :}

12th Sep 2013, 14:39
Dak Man:

I'm fully aware of the fact that my cigarette smoking is an addiction: one which I very much enjoy regardless of the knowledge of the harm it may, or may not do, to me. (I ran 5 miles on the treadmill last night. 6.5 miles Monday night. I fail to see any adverse effects smoking has upon my person. Not yet anyway.)

And as far as second-hand smoke is concerned? Since I'm not "authorized" to smoke anywhere indoors these days, might I suggest that those who take exception with my smoking outdoors, stay inside themselves so as not to subject themselves to the mortal "dangers" of my smoking? In other words: if one has a problem with my smoking outside, then stay inside and DON'T COME THE F**K OUT. EVER.

As for my colleagues boobs and a picture? I'm not sure how I would word that to her. "Thea, would you mind holding steady whilst I snap a picture of your luscious boobs with my cell phone camera? Please?"

I know, I know. I much more polite way: "Lea. Your boobs should be bequeathed to mankind for all of eternity. May I, your humble admirer, record your boobs for historical sake by snapping a photo of those lovely objects of.... lust?"

<truth be told: her boobs are so large they really do require a zip code of their own>

12th Sep 2013, 14:40
Dak Man RG

With ref to things falling off lorries I lost a bath off the back of my skip lorry a few years back on the M5 middle lane I stopped reversed back on the hard shoulder ran out and grabbed it, I thought I was going to have a heart attack
and [email protected] myself simutainously, I always use a net now.

12th Sep 2013, 14:48
I've never touched one of those foul things in my life but you can count me in with the 'Nazis' if you've no more appropriate way of designating those of us who detest the stench and the cost to society of smoking.

As an ex-motorcyclist who has had a burning cigarette end lodge itself between my face and the helmet padding, causing me severe pain and a potential accident, I am highly indignant when I see tossers tossing their detritus, particularly when still burning, with total abandon, out of their cars,

I have also seen motorists flick cigarette ends out in the forecourt of a filling station. Not just disgusting but also dangerous if still smouldering.

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 14:48
Smoke & mirrors RG, smoke and mirrors.

12th Sep 2013, 15:03
What the hell are you talking about Dak Man? I never smoke in front of a mirror. How utterly narcissistic that would be.


12th Sep 2013, 15:11

The cost of smoking to society? Oh brother.

Care to guess at the cost to society of fat slobs and all the diseases and ailments that go along with being a walking, but human, hippopotamus?

But the solution to that is easy: forbid fatties from eating, right?

I won't even go into the absurd costs to society caused by alcoholics or those who are addicted to pain relievers or other "over the counter" drugs. Or not so "over the counter", but illicit, drugs.

I'm not using any of the above to justify my smoking. I don't need to justify my smoking because, as an American, I have the freedom to do so. (Sort of. Too many huggy-fluff types go out of their way to make it more and more difficult for me to do so. Even if the huggy-fluff rocking the tobacco boat weighs 375 lbs.) And even if I was the last person left on earth who was able to smoke, I would do so. If for no other reason than out of pure, unadulterated, SPITE.

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 15:22
Nobody died of passive fat slobbishness, although here was this chunkey monkey that in the trows of passion nearly suffocated me once.

Anyhoo, you're being true to your addiction, justifying it in the face of overwhelming and rational evidence to the contrary.

12th Sep 2013, 15:24
Dak Man:

Again, I don't have to justify my smoking. I smoke because a: I like smoking tobacco and b: out of spite toward people like you. :}:}:}

Fat slobs don't die from being fat slobs? That's a joke, right? Tell me that's a joke. :E:E:E

12th Sep 2013, 15:42
Care to guess at the cost to society of fat slobs and all the diseases and ailments that go along with being a walking, but human, hippopotamus?

Many (not all) fat people are like that because of disorders. Smoking, excessive drinking, and drug use are self-inflicted abuses. I have equal disdain for all.

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 15:54
That's not what I said RGB, passive fat slobbishness is not, as far as I know, a killer. i.e. if I stood next to a fat slob, I would not likely die of a fat slob related disease. Just like standig next to a drinking alcoholic would not cause me to die of liver cirrhosis.

You don't need you to justify your addiction RGB, to me or you, it's your choice although choice is debateable given the fact it's an addiction. However you have to accept that your addiction can and does have a secondary effect on those around you, it's disingenuous to claim or argue otherwise.

12th Sep 2013, 16:00
standing next to a drinking alcoholic would not cause me to die
Unless they were driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

12th Sep 2013, 16:16
Dak Man wrote:

i.e. if I stood next to a fat slob, I would not likely die of a fat slob related disease.

Ah, but there's where you're wrong. If said fat slob standing next to you suddenly had, say, a heart attack and keeled over he, or she ,might very well land on top of you crushing you underneath his, or her, bulk. Then we would no longer have Dak Man but Pancake Man.

Thus your cause of death, listed on your death certificate, would be as:

Crushed by Second-Hand Fat Slobbishness.

So don't go all righteous on me with your lack of understanding of the possible tragic consequences of second-hand fat.


12th Sep 2013, 16:20
Dak Man also wrote:

However you have to accept that your addiction can and does have a secondary effect on those around you, it's disingenuous to claim or argue otherwise.

Didn't see this part until after I answered the first part, Pancake Man.

I would never argue against the fact that my smoking may, or may not, have effects on non-smokers.

But I first have to inquire within my person if I actually give a rat's ass what my smoking does to others (many others habitually annoy me. And they don't smoke. Should I ask them to refrain from inflicting their second-hand annoying behavior upon my person?) and then I would have to make the suggestion that if my second-hand smoke disturbs you, then back off jack, and don't come near me. Dilemma resolved. :ok:

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 16:31
Your willingness to enter the realms of fantasy is very indicative of someone that deep down knows he's wrong RGB.

Just say it man, "Hello I'm Ranger Brock and I am a smelly bastard."
Pancakes just don't do it for me, as a cultured European (currently spreading the love in the great white north), I am a declared crepe man, preferably with Nutella and banana.

12th Sep 2013, 16:34
"cultured European"

Ah yes, I can't wait for RGB to get hold of that one :O

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 16:35
C'mon 500N, you and me both know it's true.

12th Sep 2013, 16:43
Cultured European?

I'd better go out and buy myself a pack of diapers because after reading that one I'm sure I'm going to piss myself laughing uncontrollably and in hysterics.

<edited to add: ever make note of the similarities in the word European and the phrase You're a peon? Say the last phrase real quick. You're a peon....you'reapeon....European...:}:}:}>

Smelly bastard? Sniff, sniff. Nope, nothing untoward with my smell. Smells rather like roses actually. :}:}:}

Dak Man also wrote:

I am a declared crepe man,

A crepe man eh? Hmmm. Do you hold your pinkie finger extended in the air whilst imbibing on your (girlie) crepe?
Do you drink a mocha cafe' a latte' with it as well? (With whipped cream and marshmallows on top and little-bitty fudge swirls as well???? :}:}:})

Ladies and Gentlemen (and children of all ages) let it be known, via this proclamation, that from henceforth and for all of eternity, Dak Man shall now be known as Crepe Man.

And in honor of this special occasion we hereby bequeath Crepe Man with a special, red-colored- cape. With a big "C" on front. Or, come to think of it, should that be a double-C? As in: Canadian Crepeman.

12th Sep 2013, 16:43

I actually think it has gone the other way.

Europe used to be much more cultured than what I see now,
now it is one big rat race with a few pockets of culture and
those holding the fort.

The same applies to the UK so don't think I just saying
that about Europe.

But that is my HO only.

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 16:52
I should have expected no less from a plastic Shakle Dragger. ;)

No RGB, it's "you're a peeing", as in always taking the piss out of our less fortunate North American cousins.

12th Sep 2013, 16:54

In my dictionary a PEON sometimes describes a foot soldier, that's you isn't it :ok:

12th Sep 2013, 17:02
What happens if the fag is on a conveyor belt? :O

12th Sep 2013, 17:03
Less fortunate North American cousins, Crepe Man?

That's fine. At least you didn't issue Canadian threats. We Americans tend to shiver in our boots upon hearing Canadian threats. I mean, just think about it. What would happen if Canada ever invaded the United States? We'd be overwhelmed by the barrage of snow balls coming our way. Snow balls thrown in anger mind you. Snow balls with little smiley faces on them. (Or maple leafs. Take your pick.) Oh the horror of it all.

Breaking News: The United States of America was invaded today by our norther neighbor, the Canadians. With an overwhelming force of snow ball bearing citizens, the Canadians (you hoser) wreaked havoc on the American defenders who were too busy watching the latest installment of Jersey Shore to have made much note of the lethal snow balls (with yellow smiley faces) being fired in their direction.

The Canadian forces had managed to take most of the United States until they got to that area of the country where people from across The Big River gathered in defense and beat back the invading Canuck hordes, firing empty bottles of Corona beer at the invaders, perched mightily upon their John Deere lawn mowers and amidst shouts of "Remember the Alamo."

The invading hordes of snow ball-bearing hosers were last seen retreating toward Saskatchewan with a final destination of The North Pole. (Serves you right, you snow-loving and snow-producing bast**ds)

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 17:07
Watch out for the ones I throw, they contain a fair amount of BS.

12th Sep 2013, 17:07

You forgot to rant about the French Canadians :O

So instead of Cheese eating Surrender monkies, it is now
Nutella Crepe Invaders :O (with Snowballs).

12th Sep 2013, 17:08

No, I'm an I.T. person, not a foot soldier. I spend much of my day picking up the shit that others produce. On their computers of course. That kind of makes me a virtual janitor, don't it? :}:}:}

Dak Man
12th Sep 2013, 17:08
Don't forget Poutine or perogies for that matter, both deadly.

12th Sep 2013, 17:09
angels wrote:

What happens if the fag is on a conveyor belt? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/embarass.gif

A fag on a conveyor belt? That's just wrong. Sooo wrong.
It would mean his human rights have been violated, no? :}:}:}

12th Sep 2013, 18:41
Sorry RG I thought you were an ex soldier just looked at your CP ex Ranger
apologies, I do manual work so I suppose I'm the PEON after all.

12th Sep 2013, 18:53
Yes, superq, I was indeed a former US Army infantryman/artilleryman and Ranger. Who realized there wasn't much demand in the private sector for airborne infantry type so got a job in the I.T. sector.

And still wonders why. :E:ugh:

12th Sep 2013, 21:24

You were a Skygod :O

12th Sep 2013, 21:31
It's becoming less of a problem here because, firstly, people can't afford to smoke and, secondly, they can't afford to drive. More and more folk here are taking to bicycles and you don't see many cyclists here smoking because they're too busy operating their mobile devices.

13th Sep 2013, 01:52
Whatever!!!, people who throw their crap away on streets, out of car windows, are a bunch of selfish morons !

13th Sep 2013, 03:07
I really dont care if you flick your cigarettes from your car or truck window.
Next time when you do this, dont just look for the cops.
Maybe a motorcycle behind you, seats are expensive if it lands there along with any leather it may hit.
I am a smoker also, but always look to make sure it does not hit anything behind me when in a 4 wheel vehicle.
On the bike different story, have some courtesy here.

13th Sep 2013, 03:10
It is not only from cars!

I had my 69 years old mom put out a smoldering cigarettes butt from her bedroom carpet one time.

Worth mentioning that she is living on the 6th floor of a 11 storey building.
The "thing" landed there via one open window, tossed from above and diverted by some winds currents :*

First time I saw her being that mad at a smoker (she used to be one for 40 years)

14th Sep 2013, 07:20
I prefer smokers chuck their butts out of my car
after they're done with 'em. My ashtray contains
personal shit I don't want charred or blackened.

El Grifo
14th Sep 2013, 08:51
Do they still empty their ashtrays at beauty spots around the country, or has that filthy little habit died out ??

El G.

14th Sep 2013, 10:19
El Grifo,I've seen that at a McDonalds.

Slob was sitting in his car parked 6 feet from a bin but he tossed his empty burger wrappers out his window as his meal progressed,leaving a pile of garbage.THEN...out came the ashtray to be emptied out on the ground on top of said pile of garbage :=

14th Sep 2013, 11:01
When I first came to Aus, it took a while to figure out how those
ciggy piles got there. More often than not in some parking space
near the beach. I initially thought someone had just smoked all night :(

14th Sep 2013, 11:23
And so the old Italian joke..

Why do you see a Carabinieri car upside down in the ditch?

Because they are emptying the ash tray......

14th Sep 2013, 11:25
If somebody behind gets hit by the cigarette butt, they're following too close, even taking vortices/turbulent flow/whatever into account.

If somebody's overtaking, I wait until they've passed.

If they're directly behind, serves 'em right for being so close :ok:

Back in my younger days, me and my bud had an Audi pillock (I like Audi's, and don't do the whole stereotyping thing by the way!) sitting a couple of metres from our rear bumper travelling at about 60 MPH on a county lane. My mate decided he'd had enough of his milkshake and duly deposited it out of the sunroof.

You can guess what happened.

And what happened after that when the pillock turned his wipers on :cool:

15th Sep 2013, 17:57
I was stuck in a queue towards a local roudabout yesterday with neighbour in the passenger seat. Young woman in car ahead chucks a still burning, half smoked fag out of the driver's window.

Neighbour hops out of car, picks up fag, goes up to car and says to her "I think you dropped this", passing it back to her through the window. As we drove off, she was still sitting there looking very sheepish and holding fag in hand. Classic!

15th Sep 2013, 22:16
Pure class.

lf it was me mate, l`d have smoked it.

15th Sep 2013, 22:54
Reminds me of a young man at work. He passed his driving test and several days later he asked his father if he could borrow the car to impress his new girlfriend. After a night out with her he was driving home and decided to have a fag. After he'd finished he wound down the window and casually flicked what was left out of the window.

A few miles on he could smell burning and thought that maybe someone had been burning something in a garden bonfire.

Later he realised that the smell was within the car - the back seat was on fire. The fag end had blown back into the car. Probably cars today have fire retardant covers, but not in those days.

Incidentally, he had joined the army at 18 years of age but bought himself out as he didn't like it. He was of the lowest rank - A Private, so we always called him "Private Parts!!"

16th Sep 2013, 06:26
Posted by Dak Man....

if I stood next to a fat slob, I would not likely die of a fat slob related disease

I sort of believe that, but I do tend to hold my breath when I pass fat people and those whom I think are ugly, just in case.

16th Sep 2013, 12:13
What happens if the fag is on a conveyor belt? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/embarass.gif

What if the fag is tossed from the conveyor?

Dave Gittins
16th Sep 2013, 12:23
Was interested by a road side sign on Saturday. "If you see somebody throw a cigarette or any litter from a car, please take the details and registration and report it to Horsham District Council.


Horsham District Council : Litter (http://www.horsham.gov.uk/environment/1144.aspx)

I think Reigate are doing the same because I have seen one of their staff loitering at traffic lights in the town accosting offenders and taking their details.

Good .. maybe my Council Tax will go down :ok:

16th Sep 2013, 12:47
I believed that depositing vegetable matter was not considered as littering, as it would decompose and 'disappear' over time, however there have been successful prosecutions by local authorities for discarding such things as apple cores.

El Grifo
16th Sep 2013, 13:30
When we are on sailing passages, the only thing we dispose of overboard is food items.

Everything else is chopped up ito small bits and stored until we reach port !

El G.

17th Sep 2013, 23:38
Apparently there have been a number of Porsche Boxters that have inhaled the driver's freshly disposed cigarette butts into the air intake, lodging in the paper and foam air cleaner element and starting a fire. This may be an urban myth though as a search brings up few results...