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11th Sep 2013, 09:12
While working for SQ in Singapore I was advised to invest in the Glanmore Property Fund. As investment decisions go this was not my best!
I am writing to ask if anyone else here might have been affected and whether there is any action that I can take, either alone or as part of a group, against the Fry Group.

11th Sep 2013, 18:04
PPRuNe is not the place to come for any sort of regulated advice (financial, medical, legal) .... all you're going to get is a bunch heresay that's no better (or no worse) and just about as trustworthy as what you could find yourself using Google.

In other words, if you don't have the know-how to figure out the answer to your question yourself, go seek some proper advice from someone who is regulated and has all the necessary insurance and qualifications to back up their advice. That person will also know about your personal circumstances and any restrictions/options available in your particular jurisdiction...... posts on PPRuNe will take neither of the above into account.

Don't try to read anything into the above, because there is nothing to read into. I am talking in general and not even commenting on your specific question.