View Full Version : Division of the Powers, Family Courts, and Sir James Munby.

6th Sep 2013, 21:22
I am the first to agree that our children need the utmost protection they deserve.

But has the adversarial system let them, and their families down ?

Has the cosy relationship between the judiciary and the legislature worked in the best interest of our children ? Does the system need some independent scrutiny. Judges and Social Workers.......does that serve our kids best ?

Not a great fan of the Daily Wale but I suspect Munby has the right idea... Top judge's war on secret courts: Family hearings must be exposed to 'glare of publicity' | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2413373/Top-judges-war-secret-courts-Family-hearings-exposed-glare-publicity.html)

6th Sep 2013, 23:35
Put it this way. And from personal experience. The court hates men.


7th Sep 2013, 09:51
Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph is a bit right wing for me. He has excelled and constantly reported on the actions of Councils who use every excuse under the Sun and then apply laws using dubious experts to justify their actions.

John Hemmings MP has been one that has worked in conjunction with him in highlighting in effect the theft of children from natural parents and then jailing of parents if they speak of it.

What has emerged on more than one occaion is a family taking the boat to Ireland to avoid losing their children. UK councils standing up in Irish courts have been made to look like the fools with dubious claims getting called on.
Irish social services seem to have taken a pragmatic approach in ensuring close and regular contacts with people they are aware of to ensure welfare of child.

There is an issue when children of EU nationals have been removed by councils and councils telling foreign Embassys to piss off. Seems EU Govts don't wish to play ball and refuse to allow their citizens be kidnapped and act accordingly.

State theft of children using dubious criteria is a UK national scandal that dwarfs others but remains hidden because councils use court orders to keep reporting to a minimum.

7th Sep 2013, 09:55
Have reread the judgement and if it applies then only thing I can say to the Judge is :D:D:D:D