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Skipness One Echo
6th Sep 2013, 15:04
Hi all, I wonder if there is even such a thing? A trawl through images on well known photos sites gives the below list of B707s. Any thoughts on the VC10s?
Additions thoughts and comments welcome please.


6th Sep 2013, 15:37
A look at airliners.net found the following VC-10s
G-ASGC - all taken at Duxford.
G-ASGB at JFK 1965
G-ASGE at JFK 1965 -it is a rear shot so the Cunard on the nose is not visible

6th Sep 2013, 15:48
Lateral thought I looked at the G-info database and found
I haven't trawled all BOAC Reg's
Interestingly G-ASGB does not show as having been registered to BOAC Cunard
This is the link to the G-ASGD entry

Skipness One Echo
6th Sep 2013, 16:39
Ahhhh many thanks, I shall have a trawl through and see if I can read the handwriting :)
Been through all the B707s on airliners.net, VC10s next, always a pleasure given it's the last month of operations alas.

6th Sep 2013, 17:06
Although I did find it sad to be reminded of some of the dreadful liveries that BA inflicted on such a great aircraft. To my mind the BOAC one was by far the best looking.

6th Sep 2013, 17:46
As far as I can tell there were only four VC10s actually registered to BOAC/Cunard:

G-ASGC between 29/4/1966 and 10/10/1966
G-ASGD between 17/5/1966 and 10/10/1966
G-ASGE between 17/5/1966 and 11/11/1966
G-ASGF between 2/5/1966 and 22/11/1966

Apparently other VC10s did carry the Cunard logo though.

Albert Driver
7th Sep 2013, 07:50
Only Super VC10s carried the logo. Was this because of their extra payload on transatlantic Cunard services? Or because Cunard wanted their name only on the latest prestige type?
G-ASGB carried one for a while despite apparently not joining the fleet. Was there a deal that only the newest SVC10s operated the Cunard services?
G-ASGA seems to have escaped altogether. Presumably, as the Super VC10 prototype, it was otherwise engaged in trials and similar activities?

9th Sep 2013, 07:32
The BOAC/Cunard partnership was for trans-Atlantic services so the Standard VC10s were not considered for this. They could fly the route, but it was the Super's better economics that made it profitable.

In May 1966 BOAC had eight Super VC10s, the latest one was 'GI which had been delivered in February. I guess that the deliberations about the partnership pre-dated this month and at that time they may have had less airframes available. Certainly G-ASGA was delivered a lot later than the others as it was used for testing, and 'GB was delivered fifth. Perhaps this is why the 'GC to 'GF sequence was chosen for the Cunard partnership, they were the first four delivered. It was never going to be a complete BOAC/Cunard fleet, but they needed more than four to cover the routes and any eventualities such as maintenance. I suspect that this was the reason that more than the four previously mentioned carried the BOAC/Cunard logos.

All the Super VC10s from 'GJ on were delivered after the Cunard partnership had been dissolved, so they would never have carried the logos.

For the delivery dates, see here: First Flight Dates (http://www.vc10.net/Data/first_flight_dates.html)

9th Sep 2013, 11:20
Going back to the 707s, you can add the following which were all registered to BOAC-Cunard at one stage:


9th Sep 2013, 15:38
I remember a somewhat irreverent cartoon in one of the house magazines or newsletters with the nose of a VC10 with the Logo BOAC - WOOLWICH FREE FERRY.:ok: