View Full Version : CPS chicken out yet again

5th Sep 2013, 06:53
Gender abortions: criminal charges not in 'public interest' says CPS (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/10287574/Gender-abortions-criminal-charges-not-in-public-interest-says-CPS.html)

Of course it's nothing to do with race.....

"The day will come when the black man will have the upper hand...."

5th Sep 2013, 07:53
Abortion on medical grounds is one thing, termination purely on the grounds of gender is murder.

What next, female genital mutilation on the NHS?

5th Sep 2013, 08:00
I read about this last night beore going to bed and thought perhaps the three beers I'd consumed had clouded my comprehension of what was in front of me. I'm relieved to see my comprehension is fine.

We know that gender selection by murder is a trait of a 'minority' ethnic group, so to target this practice would be perceived as 'racist' by some. So the spineless yellow backed politically motivated CPS duck. Pathetic.