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5th Sep 2013, 01:43
NSFW: We'll Never Let Go, Jack! - The Daily Beast (http://www.thedailybeast.com/videos/2013/09/04/nsfw-we-ll-never-let-go-jack.html)

...hope not...your're too young to leave us Jack... :(

5th Sep 2013, 09:09
Mr Nicholson is one my favourite actors... he has appeared in some duds and some masterpieces over the years but whatever he acted he left his own indelible mark...

Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider - YouTube


Worrals in the wilds
5th Sep 2013, 10:13
Awesome. :E
One of the great film character actors; he's always Jack and that's what you want...:cool:, one of few living actors with enough charisma to transcend a written role and make it his own, to the extent that you couldn't imagine anyone else in the role. Clint Eastwood is another. Arguably IMO so is Tommy Lee Jones, though largely in B grades.

Also a good actor in his own right playing a part, as witnessed in Hoffa and The Crossing Guard, though they didn't get the gongs...
Is he crook? :uhoh:

5th Sep 2013, 10:37
Is he crook? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/worry.gif

Some say he is kicking the acting habit because he is struggling to remember his lines... but shucks all of us forget our names sometimes (I know I do)...


Edited to say - As Cactus has already said...

Worrals in the wilds
5th Sep 2013, 11:06
Goodo. :ok:
Most actors hit a wall in their early sixties and a second wall in their late seventies wrt lines; nothing that can't be overcome with judicious prompt cues and use of props...:suspect:

I recall one local great (and he was great in his day, which was about thirty years before my dealings with him) who not only maintained a stunning theatrical performance by writing his lines on large sheets of paper mounted off-stage on the back of convenient bits of scenery, but also managed to secure a great review from the local rag for 'staring moodily into the distance while delivering [author's] stunning monologue...' of course the staring into the 'distance' was so he could read his bloody lines off the aforementioned off-stage bits of paper. :cool:

The ever irreverent stage crew continually threatened to replace them with articles from the local paper, treatises on the poor conditions afforded to stage hands and opinion pieces about the local footy team, but all in all he was a nice ol' chap and the show was selling well thanks to the good reviews, so nothing came of it...:E

5th Sep 2013, 22:33
Jack off?

As someone had just described my comments on another thread as "a load of wank" (cheers, Atomkraft) I thought there might be something here for me ;)

Anyway, enjoy your retirement Jack - you've certainly kept us well entertained over the years :ok:

6th Sep 2013, 02:25
I liked him in the Witches of Eastwick with his
reply in a scene where Cher told him what she
thought of Jack while he was lying on his bed
trying to seduce her.

"....you're not interesting enough to make me sick!"
"So um.... do you want to be on top?"

6th Sep 2013, 04:29

...gonna miss that....:p

tony draper
6th Sep 2013, 06:22
You know me, I love Cowboy Filums so it has to be Missouri Breaks,"
"The reason you woke of you SOB is I just cut your throat"
Great line. :rolleyes:

6th Sep 2013, 14:33
so is Tommy Lee Jones, though largely in B grades.

Except in 'No Country for Old Men'. He played that role to absolute perfection IMHO. :D :D :D

6th Sep 2013, 14:38
'No Country for Old Men'

An absolutely superb film with Bardem playing the most sinister mullet in the universe...