View Full Version : Ryanair profits down

4th Sep 2013, 12:22
I see that Ryanair is reporting that profits may not make forecast.

Perhaps they should look at charging a fee for passengers who use other airlines... :}

4th Sep 2013, 12:25
Nevertheless, the key word remains 'profit'. :ok:

4th Sep 2013, 12:35
Here's an airline that would love to have Ryanair's 'problem'

Alitalia Hires Bankers To Tackle Cash Crisis (http://news.airwise.com/story/view/1378250990.html)

4th Sep 2013, 13:41
That raises the question of whether or not getting bankers involved will actually bleed more cash away........

4th Sep 2013, 17:53
Unless I just want to book too close to my travel dates and can't see the cheap fares with Ryanair, I fail to see them as a low-cost airline at all. They ARE a low-cost airline, their costs are pared to the limit, O'Leary has masterfully done this, the slow cooking of the frog in the pot method.

The plethora of spurious charges all add up and it's not cheap at all, unless you want to get up at 4am to catch the crack of dawn offerings. If you need to travel near to some of the out of the way airports they service, then it makes sense, otherwise := It would be good if the business model has started to falter, it 'might' lead those in charge making some changes for the better.


5th Sep 2013, 11:50
It may be the excuse MO'L wants to dump the whole dreadful business of dealing with awful pilots and cabin crew and retire to his stud farm to watch horses breeding.

And the said aircrew will be held to blame for using those awful media C4 people to rock the boat.

Or maybe the autumn excuse to lay up aircraft and crew for the winter................

5th Sep 2013, 22:12
The fact that they are making profits makes them almost unique. Whatever bad one can say about MOL (and doubtless there's plenty) at least Ryanair make a profit, regardless of quite how it's done.

Now I'm not defending him - I belong to the "I'd rather walk than fly Ryanair school" but he is making a profit and that is what Ryanair is in business to do.