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4th Sep 2013, 05:43
I think this deserves more than 36 views since July:


4th Sep 2013, 05:44
Also something for the people with maths ambitions amongst us:

Adam Spencer: Why I fell in love with monster prime numbers | Video on TED.com (http://www.ted.com/talks/adam_spencer_why_i_fell_in_love_with_monster_prime_numbers.h tml?utm_medium=on.ted.com-static&utm_campaign=ted&awesm=on.ted.com_AdamSpencer&utm_content=awesm-publisher&utm_source=google.com.au)

Krystal n chips
4th Sep 2013, 06:54
I've just been on YouTube


" I think this deserves more than 36 views since July"

May I say that your shy, modest, reticent and reserved personality is so clearly evident here.

Narcissus would probably have held the same perception.....had you tube been around at the time that is.

Just being curious however.....any particular reason you feel that thus unremarkable video should warrant more than 36 views.....and 4 of them probably came from abstract and random pawing of a keyboard by a bored cat or dog anyway. :E

4th Sep 2013, 08:56
It's just a video I happened across on the internet of what I thought was a rather interesting leture about the dams raid, which I thought I'd share on here as I imagine there are people here with similar interests. The 36 views thing was a bit tongue in cheek, but hardly the work of an outspoken narcissist which you are apparently accusing me of.

Youtube is full of 20 second videos of pandas sneezing and cats falling over, if you have trouble concentrating for a full 30 minutes on a history lecture. (I was being accused of it anyway.)

4th Sep 2013, 09:08


And thanks for posting it

4th Sep 2013, 18:10
Oh - Krystal - don't be so curmudgeonly. Everyone needs their fifteen minutes of fame; and you don't have to watch it!

4th Sep 2013, 18:20
I think everybody is missing the point here. Except for gunbus.

I don't think that Kodachrome was personally in the YouTube clip, but that due to the subject of the video, more people should have viewed it.

I watched the video and agree with him.

(Assuming of course that Kodachrome is a him. :p)

4th Sep 2013, 18:26
Hey K&C? May I suggest the liberal application of:


here was a relative new-comer posting about something he or she got enjoyment out of and you come along, bust his or her bubble and then call him or her narcissistic.

Do you urinate in the corner of a room at a party as well? :}:}:}

Loose rivets
4th Sep 2013, 18:28
We are not allowed to 'Out' people, but people can 'out' themselves.

Kodachrome, are you James Holland?

FL would be proud of my incisiveness, though he would no doubt already know the answer.

Krystal n chips
4th Sep 2013, 18:49
" I've just been on YouTube"

Well, being simple, the impression given in the singular context, and followed by a lament as to the number of views, suggested some form of self-promotion.

Clearly not it seems. My apologies therefore for the misunderstanding.

However.....had the introduction been written "I've just been on you tube and found this clip....please view it" then no confusion would have arisen now would it ?.

No rgb, I leave urinating in corners at parties to those who are so institutionalised from their former military life, they are unable to return to civilian life without constant reference to their past......there again, the fact you are familiar with the practice offers an insight as to the sort of parties you attend in the first place, and the personalities of the guests.....now doesn't it ?

4th Sep 2013, 18:57
Can someone post a link to the sneezing Panda? :)

4th Sep 2013, 19:36
The heck with the sneezing Panda, I want to see a youtube video of a shitting Buffalo. :ok:

4th Sep 2013, 20:05
Checkers - I see your panda

Baby Panda Sneezing - YouTube

and I raise you an elephant

Baby elephant sneezes and scares himself. - YouTube

and rg, is a hippo okay?

Hippo gets EXPLOSIVE diarrhea!!! - YouTube

Edited to add the lecture has potential. Added it to the watch later list. Thanks.

4th Sep 2013, 20:18
Cute Elephant :)

4th Sep 2013, 20:46

The hippo is a fine replacement for the elusive Buffalo!!