View Full Version : Are You Happy In Your Work?

Noah Zark.
3rd Sep 2013, 23:57
???????????????? 3??? v.2 - YouTube (http://youtu.be/cFb0nLCKypg)

You don't get a job with this outfit if you can't remember the words!

Ancient Mariner
4th Sep 2013, 05:28
Made me smile, at 07:30 hrs.

unstable load
4th Sep 2013, 05:48
Excellent start to the day!!
Thanks, Noah Zark!:D

Ancient Mariner
4th Sep 2013, 11:08
Along the same lines,
En apekatt i parkdress som sprader rundt i snĝen, sa du? - dbtv.no (http://www.dbtv.no/?vid=2648098643001)

Tears still rolling.