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2nd Sep 2013, 18:32

...laughing so hard this morning...wifey had to change diaper 3 times :ok:

2nd Sep 2013, 18:54
Having recently visited Russia and sat in a taxi where the crack left in a location on the windscreen where the previous passenger's head had impacted, I can vouch for the terrible standard of driving over there demonstrated in this video.

2nd Sep 2013, 19:01
I had some fairly hairy moments in taxis in Moscow, fortunately the traffic is so bad that they never got up to much speed. Tehran is the worst place, taxis that should have been scrapped 30 years ago, along with the one-eyed driver in one case!

barry lloyd
2nd Sep 2013, 19:10
Well at least the clips are more up to date than the title! Soviet Russia? :confused:

I know of two people who have been killed in car accidents in Moscow and have personally seen more accidents there than anywhere else I've ever been. Thankfully, most of the traffic crawls at a snail's pace in Moscow, but when you go outside, it's a different story.
I'm reliably informed that it currently costs about $200 to pass your driving test, if you get my drift...

3rd Sep 2013, 14:35
Turkey and Italy frightened me more than Moscow. In Firenze, the taxi driver was reading the newspaper while driving - we only just avoided going under the back end of a big truck.

3rd Sep 2013, 15:06
Greece is equally scary. Seen a trucker reading his newspaper and with both feet out the window whilst driving, occasionally giving the steering wheel a nudge.
Hazard lights are the only signal used for any kind of manoeuvre, except a sudden stop of course!

Interestingly, the best drivers in Greece by far are white-van-men. Apparently they are usually agricultural delivery guys, and get licenced separately by the Department of Agriculture who are very hot on infringements so they all behave themselves.