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1st Sep 2013, 11:44
Died of a heart attack on a cruise ship. RIP, end of an era.

1st Sep 2013, 12:13
That is a bit sad, I quite liked him, especially in "That Was The Week That Was".

The only time I ever saw him totally beaten in an interview, he took on Enoch Powell and lost.

1st Sep 2013, 12:16
Sorry to hear that. I was never a great admirer of his style but he had a very sharp intellect and was gutsy. Taking on Enoch Powell proves that as he would have known what he was letting himself in for.

Only 74, but a quick way to go and he'd been doing something he enjoyed - lecturing on board.

1st Sep 2013, 12:52
Only 74

Thank you for that Capetonian, as a glance to the left will show that I am of the same young vintage. We also shared the same birth month of April, only 23 days apart, the same county of birth, (Kent), and were both educated at Kent Grammar Schools. I was aware of these parallels of origin over the years, as he "rose without trace" (as some jealous person once said), so I do feel a slightly greater sense of regret at his premature demise.

Truly, the death of a contemporary is a rather unwelcome reminder of the impartiality of the Grim Reaper ... :uhoh:

1st Sep 2013, 14:47
Sad. I remember his interview with Richard Nixon. I detest the word awesome, but that pretty well describes it.

Barksdale Boy
1st Sep 2013, 15:00
I thought he was educated at Wellingborough Grammar School.

1st Sep 2013, 15:10
I post this as a tribute to two great minds with very different perspectives, and who both had the guts to say what they thought, in public.


1st Sep 2013, 17:20
I thought he was educated at Wellingborough Grammar School

He was, after he had to leave Gillingham (Kent) Grammar School when his Methodist minister father was transferred from his Gillingham church to Raunds, Northamptonshire.

1st Sep 2013, 17:26
Crossed the Atlantic in August on the Queen Mary and saw a re-run of the previous interview he did on the Queen Elizabeth - with the same Cunard host. Seems he was a regular.

Bit ironic really, despite the small ER on cruise ships, he may have had a better chance of survival if within ambulance distance of a fully-equipped cardiac ward.

Guess freebies do have a downside.


1st Sep 2013, 17:35
Most interesting video of the Frost/Powell 'interview' - more of a debate I'd say.

Thanks, Capetonian. I'd not seen that before.
I've sent it to my son, who will, no doubt, appreciate it. (no ultra motive - he's a well-educated clever young man and will enjoy the battle of the wits regardless of the politics/beliefs of EP)

1st Sep 2013, 17:46
I watched the Savundra interview all those years ago, upon much of which Frost's reputation was built.

Even in those days, in my then youth, I was alarmed at his (Frost's) ignorance or disregard for company law which he used to demonise his guest, relying on the audience to be similarly ignorant, which they appeared to be.

I don't doubt Savundra may not have been a nice man but I will lay odds that the BBC lawyers would not allow that to be broadcast today.

1st Sep 2013, 20:09
He sold out to commerce after TWTWTW. High point of satire, that show.

Nervous SLF
1st Sep 2013, 20:29
I think that just maybe he would have had a harder time these days as politicians are much better trained on how to behave during interviews.

Loose rivets
1st Sep 2013, 21:03
Generally entertaining, perspicacious and erudite, but there was just one incident I cannot forgive him for. In his defense of 'Deep Throat' he turned to a man in the audience, a man* that was arguing for decency, and said, 'Sir, you are a bigot.' The cameras cut away as Frost turned his back on the man. Not acceptable. Difficult to see who should have worn the bigot's hat.

*was, or looked like, Pictures & Photos of Peter Bull - IMDb (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1466860544/nm0119988)

2nd Sep 2013, 06:20
What stuck out for me in the full Enoch Powell interview, (don't forget when they got to the end of the allotted time for the show they stopped for a news break, delayed the next programme and gave them extra time for Frost to try and salvage something), was the way Frost would try and quote Enoch and Enoch would stop Frost in his tracks and say, "Ah but if you read Hansard you will see what I actually said and the context within which I said it" - Nailed Frost every time.

Krystal n chips
2nd Sep 2013, 06:53
Just in case they get overlooked as it were....the interview with Nixon was, and, still is, regarded as a classic piece of interviewing....and Nixon was, after all, as duplicitous as they come.....and the one with the recently and unlamented deceased Thatcher, in which she became more than a little agitated....strangely, also qualifies.

2nd Sep 2013, 10:07
Enoch was right.

2nd Sep 2013, 11:02
Everything Enoch said was right and has come true, perhaps to a greater degree than even he foresaw. He was drummed out of the establishment for being 'racist' i.e. speaking the truth.

2nd Sep 2013, 20:24
I find it difficult to accept that DF wouldn't have been aware of his possible risk of heart attack.
Of course, if his family record was inclined towards HEs and his life-style was 'rich' then maybe his time was due?