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31st Aug 2013, 14:55
I note that today XH558 performed at Finningley for the benefit of invited guests, including the winners of a raffle.

All very nice, but because of CAA rules, H&S rules and all the rest, the performance was not announced until it had just ended.

Brilliant. The Vulcan people beg us for every last penny to keep XH558 flying. They spectacularly manoeuvred themselves out of the long-running saga concerning Dr.Pleming's "expenses" but still they don't seem to have learned. A private display paid-for by public money?

Much as I love the magnificent Vulcan, I really do think that (not for the first time) the way that these people manage the project is appalling.

31st Aug 2013, 15:42
Well I knew about it... not a bad display either! :E

Agaricus bisporus
31st Aug 2013, 15:46
As a matter of interest what CAA and H&S rules caused it to be announced after the event? I can't make head nor tail of that.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
31st Aug 2013, 18:01
And, of course, no one has to contribute to their funds.....

31st Aug 2013, 18:08
Yes, it's hardly a public service such as those supported by taxation. The term "public money"...surely, it was all willingly given as gifts/donations, so in reality it has lost that status?

I was fortunate enough to be on scene at the time of the display, which I understand was a bit of a warm up for another public display to have been flown later on today.

31st Aug 2013, 18:35
The arguments about not having to pay for XH558 are perfectly valid, but that rather misses my point. TVOC spent an awful lot of time billing XH558 as the "People's Plane" (yeah, I thought it was toe-curlingly inappropriate too) and insisting that their aim was to get the Vulcan out there to the adoring public. Presumably the audiences also include those who like to point-out that one doesn't have to pay towards XH558's upkeep. But it seems that it's only the "people's plane" when it suits.

This is all well and good, but it's particularly annoying that the team then see fit to perform stunts like today's. Yes, it was obviously a "rehearsal/continuation" flight and not an actual display, as this is where the CAA come-in with their absurd rules about spectators, fire and safety cover, blah, blah, but as far as the invited/informed spectators were concerned, it was a display.

Personally, I think that when one considers that the aircraft is funded completely by donation, then all of the necessary rehearsals should be flown at an undisclosed site (as they usually are) without anyone being given prior knowledge. Nobody deserves priority over what is ostensibly a public asset (or so it is claimed to be). If we start going down this route of performing to invited guests, friends, or those who just manage to pick-up the right gossip, then I think they're asking for trouble. I can't imagine that many people would want to donate money to the concept of showing the aircraft only to those who the organisers happen to approve of. That's just plain wrong.

31st Aug 2013, 18:40
Other opinions are available.

31st Aug 2013, 18:46
I donate (a little) just to help keep it flying. Simples.

John Farley
31st Aug 2013, 19:40
Isn't that the truth.