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30th Aug 2013, 09:19
Would you?
Six Flags unveils plans for world record shattering attraction that will drop riders 41-stories at 90mph | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2406491/Six-Flags-unveils-plans-world-record-shattering-attraction-drop-riders-41-stories-90mph.html)

Three gondolas will carry brave riders up the face of Kingda Ka. They will drop from just below the coaster’s 456-foot peak as its riders hurl overhead at speeds up to 128mph.

P.S me? Never! Even if I hadn't taken a look at the simulation there.

Alloa Akbar
30th Aug 2013, 09:33
No way, nope, nae chance, bugger that, get a grip man, are ye mad?

30th Aug 2013, 09:40
AA, I think you missed aye, right from your list!

DX Wombat
30th Aug 2013, 10:25
I'm with you three. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v604/DX_Wombat/icon_pale1.gif (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DX_Wombat/media/icon_pale1.gif.html)

30th Aug 2013, 10:35
My daughter, who thinks any ride that doesn't take you within 1 inch of certain death is just "so not worth it", just looked at the article and said "I don't think even I would go on that!"

Seals the deal for me!

30th Aug 2013, 10:46
When I was growing up, roller-coasters still had brakemen! (An employee, standing up between the cars and manually operating the speed of the ride!)



(The ride I am referring to is The Scenic Railway (http://www.lunapark.com.au/rides/scenic-railway#next) - still operating, it's the world's oldest continually operating coaster :) )

30th Aug 2013, 13:51
I took a look at the animation and the first thought which came to mind was: wait until the brakes fail on the downward slope some day. Can you say, splat?

30th Aug 2013, 14:04

It's a long way to go from the UK, so why don't you give it a try and report back to us?

30th Aug 2013, 14:07
Well superq, I've done some interesting things in life but this is not high on my list of to-dos. Matter of fact, it's not on my list of to-dos at all. :E

Lon More
30th Aug 2013, 14:51
I might stop at the bottom but I'm sure my ringpiece wouldn't

30th Aug 2013, 15:31
When I was growing up, roller-coasters still had brakemen.
And the wooden ones had firemen. ;)

B Fraser
30th Aug 2013, 16:27
I thought the thread was about this stuff. I guess both leave you giddy.