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25th Feb 2001, 01:12
I have a friend living near Stoke-on-Trent who is interested in doing a PPL. Can anyone pls recommend any clubs/airfields in that area?

Thanks in advance.....

25th Feb 2001, 01:45
Living in Stoke myself, there are several airfields to choose from, East Midlands and Derby aerodromes are very good for package deals, but I would recommend travelling further (45 mins) to Sleap in Shropshire.

If you are really dedicated Wellsbourne Mountford in Warwickshire is fantastic, from personal experience.

Enjoy your PPL and remember to take into consideration factors such as, you may need to fly to small airfields to practice circuits if you choose a large airport, all adding up to an expensive course!

25th Feb 2001, 02:40
Try Tatenhill near Burton on Trent. www.tatenhill-aviation.co.uk (http://www.tatenhill-aviation.co.uk)

big bus driver
25th Feb 2001, 16:44
I'm doing my PPL at Derby, just getting hours in when I've got enough cash, and can say I've not had any bad experiences with the club.

there's some details here...

not too sure they've got a website (yet...)

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