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Dak Man
27th Aug 2013, 19:42
I've not watched / listened yet, might be interesting to share opinions.

I'm going to do Bertrand Russel First (metaphorically BenThere;))

Once, the privilege of seeing great thinkers explain their ideas in person was confined to city dwellers with time and money. Now, thanks to sites such as TED talks, any of us with an internet connection has access to an extraordinary body of philosophy, economics, psychology and more. Here is our pick of them

The 20 online talks that could change your life | Technology | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/aug/27/20-online-talks-change-your-life)

27th Aug 2013, 20:25
No online talk could ever change my life.

The one speech would did change a lot of how I think was the speech given by one James Madison on the floor of the Congress during the 2nd Continental Congress in which he pleaded with the other members to accept the Constitution of the United States as written, and to do so quickly and without "further ado." Although it took another 5 years for the Congress to pass and enact the Constitution, Madison and Jefferson were both instrumental in seeing its implementation. (As were several others but Madison and Jefferson were the main architects.)

His speech has always left me, as y'all say, "gob-smacked"!

27th Aug 2013, 21:10
I've enjoyed a number of the TED talks thanks to youtube.

I sense an agenda behind their selection, but am able to enjoy them anyway.

Pratchett's talk on death is, IMO, one of the better ones presented.