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26th Aug 2013, 08:33
Volcanic 'geyser' erupts close to Rome airport - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/10265372/Volcanic-geyser-erupts-close-to-Rome-airport.html)

I'm both amazed and concerned that our Italian cousins didn't see the outbreak of a gaseous geyser so close to their busiest airport until it broke the surface and started venting it's poisonous fumes :hmm: Probably the geezer responsible was away on his summer holidays.


26th Aug 2013, 08:40
I'm both amazed and concerned that our Italian cousins didn't see the outbreak of a gaseous geyser so close to their busiest airport

The geezer pales into insignificance next to the sprawling proximity of the suburbs of Naples that hug Vesuvius. We are looking at a huge disaster and it is completely inevitable and preventable but it won't be...

Pink Floyd HD - Live at Pompeii (Full Footage, 1972) - YouTube


26th Aug 2013, 08:43
Il Commissario Salvo Montalbano is looking into it.

26th Aug 2013, 08:47
That's one helluva mole fart.

26th Aug 2013, 09:04
Anybody blamed Fracking yet?

26th Aug 2013, 09:49
And no-one has figured out yet? - that that is the exact spot where the Mafia Disposal Services Division buried all the electronic, nuclear, and toxic industrial waste 20 yrs ago? - right after they satisfactorily paid off the Mayor, the Police Chief, and the local National Waste Observatory Commissioner?? :rolleyes:

26th Aug 2013, 11:16
the sprawling proximity of the suburbs of Naples that hug Vesuvius

Too bloody true. The entire area is rising and rising with pressure from underneath, everyone knows and nobody is doing a thing. When it erupts and several million get killed there will be universal shock and horror, however, you can count on it.

I'm quite surprised at the burst near da Vinci airport however, that's a stable region in the River Tiber valley. Now had it been at Frascati or Grossaferrata or under the Pope's summer residence at Castelo Gandolfo I'd have been less surprised as they all sit on *extinct* volcanoes.

As for that matter, we do in our part of the world.

26th Aug 2013, 18:39
Natural disasters like that occur the world over OFSO
but people will still live in harms way -

San Andreas Faualt - LA and Frisco (and Bakersfield).
1923 should've been a lesson. The Big One WILL occur
but no one knows when.

Typhoons - China gets clobbered by floods every Summer.
There's the annual "shock horror" when it does and its all
blamed from hungry ghosts to global warming. All totally

Tornado Alley - no explanation needed. No 5s so far in this

Bangladesh - am waiting for the South to get pounded by
a typhoon this season with the usual Natural selection. Its
known of course the poor bastards stuck in that region
don't have much of a choice in staying or moving.

26th Aug 2013, 20:36
I used to fly into Rifle, Colorado every day. There is an oil well about a mile off the end of the eastbound runway. One day there was a Notam to the effect that the well was blowing out natural gas, and advising against using that runway.

"Yeah, boss, uh, I blew up your airplane." :eek:

26th Aug 2013, 21:12
"Yeah, boss, uh, I blew up your airplane."

One suspects someone else would be calling on your behalf.

26th Aug 2013, 21:44
people will still live in harms way

There are a great many *extinct* volcanoes in the Garrotxa, about an hour's drive from where I live - 'extinct' enough that the smell of sulphur is very pronounced in the town of Olot which is built on top of 'em.

Geophysicists say one or more of them blows every ten thousand years, and that the last major eruption was 13,000 years ago.


tony draper
26th Aug 2013, 21:50
That's the trouble, geology lives on a different timescale to us hairless talking monkey critters.:rolleyes:

26th Aug 2013, 21:55
They need to put this sign


west lakes
26th Aug 2013, 22:01
So many years ago on a quiet tree lined street in London, strange events were afoot.

One morning a curious 6inch diameter hole was spotted in the footpath, isuing from this hole was a mixture of smoke & steam, water was seen to spit out from time to time and there was a smell of burning in the air.

So the Fire Service were called as were the Police, both of them were baffled so the Bomb Squad were called, who were also baffled, more and more experts were called and thoughts were turning to a meteor strike.


The man from the Leccy Board turned up and thanked them all for finding where his cable was faulty!!

(true story)

tony draper
26th Aug 2013, 22:07
What I meant was if we had lifespans of say fifty thousand years we would probably be more careful about where we chose to live.
"Do you like my new house"?
"Yer but why did you leave the old place"?
"Bloody thing eroded away,they dont build em like they used to"

26th Aug 2013, 22:23
The man from the Leccy Board turned up and thanked them all for finding where his cable was faulty!

West, you are a sensible Englishman, no tembling earth, sensible girls... No magma...

Those bloody Italians however...? ;)

And the French?

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27th Aug 2013, 17:46
Caco, What has Carmen's aria got to do with volcanoes in Italy?

You've lost me, once again.

27th Aug 2013, 17:56
Who needs volcanoes when you've got waves?


But if you really want destructive seismic events just stick around for the Yellowstone event. This is the area that's likely to get done over

http://www.uwec.edu/jolhm/eh2/erickson/yellowstone-volcano.gif (http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=yellowstone+seismic+activity&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=057MCUBWEspMCM&tbnid=SJuAHEU45vtqRM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.uwec.edu%2Fjolhm%2Feh2%2Ferickson%2Fhaz ards.html&ei=ENocUqy7AaOXigeg34GICQ&bvm=bv.51156542,d.aGc&psig=AFQjCNF6jfZHlkyjMI62fpJDy6y300YIcQ&ust=1377708927163875)

tony draper
27th Aug 2013, 18:02
Thank the Lord Texas will be ok.:rolleyes:

27th Aug 2013, 18:07
That's a new interpretation of "will be ok" for me. When the Yellowstone supervolcano blows I don't think ANY of us will be OK.

27th Aug 2013, 18:24
When the Yellowstone supervolcano blows I don't think ANY of us will be OK.
When you consider the far-reaching effects of the Icelandic volcano that merely dribbled its gases I imagine that the stream from Yellowstone could stop air-travel throughout the World (or, at least, most of it).

tony draper
27th Aug 2013, 18:29
Tsk! tsk! chaps one was just making a funny.:= :rolleyes:
Anyway,humanity went through a similar trial 80,000 years ago,that's why we talking monkeys are all so closely related(we shouldn't really be) google The Bottle Neck Theory.

27th Aug 2013, 19:12
The caldera of the Yellowstone volcano is enormous. If it approached full scale eruption the entire world would feel the effects.

Today, though, I just reserved by rental car (already had the hotel) for my upcoming week at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If I see any smoke, I'll post it here first.

27th Aug 2013, 19:24
If the Yellowstone volcano blows, global warming will stop for a while.

The ash cloud will have the effect of reducing temps for, IIRC< a couple of years. Not quite "nuclear winter" but in the same ball park.

(Been a few years since I read the SciAm article on that).

27th Aug 2013, 19:38
Shamelessly copied off the net.....

There are only a handful of supervolcanoes around the world, one of which – Campanian Campi Flegrei, also known as Phlegraen Fields – lies hidden with its huge reservoir of molten rock just 3 miles beneath a densely populated western suburb of Naples, Italy. It is becoming increasingly restless and, in recent weeks, has risen more than it has in a long time, raising anxiety levels among local residents as well.

The eruption of a supervolcano is bad news for Planet Earth, and its residents.

Supervolcanoes produce eruptions thousands of times larger than a so-called “normal” volcanic eruption, dwarfing those of Mount St. Helens, Krakatoa, and Pinatubo.
Supervolcanoes form at convergent plate boundaries like Toba in Sumatra, as well as at continental hot spots like Yellowstone (http://www.examiner.com/topic/yellowstone). The magma in a supervolcanoes rises from a hot spot in the mantle to the crust. However, it cannot break through the crust, and pressure builds up as the magma pool grows larger and larger. When it reaches a point where it can no longer contain the pressure, it erupts.

Italy's Department of Civil Protection raised the alert level for Campi Flegrei (burning fields) because the ground was rising (deforming) at about three centimeters a month. There are concerns that a magma chamber under Campi Flegrei is filling and increasing pressure, amplifying the likelihood of an eruption. Many houses in the area are exhibiting cracks due to the ground deformation, which sharply subsided at first, then increased during the past two or three months, according to Thomas Wiersberg, a scientific drilling expert for the German Research Centre for Geosciences

tony draper
27th Aug 2013, 20:34
Yup,mommy nature was fracking long before we came alone.:rolleyes:

27th Aug 2013, 20:51
So if we get hit by the predicted super volcano and the predicted super solar storm there's not going to be a lot left.

27th Aug 2013, 21:01
I have stared into the maw of Vesuvio. The Campi Flegrei are a bit north of that infamous and impressive volcano, not far from Sophia Loren's home town of Puzzuoli. How that pressure will get released can take a lot of forms, but one may be a super volcano.

Pulled into port in Naples many a time. It would be sad to see that city destroyed, which it surely would be were the volcano to blow. Naples has a peculiar character, for an Italian city. In my opinion, Naples has the best style of pizza. Your Mileage May Vary.

Everybody sing

I don't know
I don't know ...

Jimmy Buffet-Volcano - YouTube

27th Aug 2013, 21:34
....I lived in the Campi Flegrei just outside Pozzuoli for about three years. The phenomenon was known as Bradeysismo (sp) and was rather as if a big bubble of pastry was rising in the middle and then cracking around the edges. Rather like an enormous fart.

In my first year, from May '83, the harbour wall in Pozzuoli rose out of the sea by a metre and a half such that the fishing boats couldn't dock there any more. The population of 35 000 was evacuated all along the coast to the north; very many of them in ISO containers which were still occupied 15 years later!

The effect was like hearing thunder rumbling around the hills but underneath your feet. Quite disturbing. Very interesting.

People have always lived around volcanoes and as soon as the "event" is over they move back again to cultivate the rich soil. They will continue to do it in the future.

Evacuate Naples if Vesuvius blows??? It's the ultimate nightmare scenario.

The Ancient Mariner

tony draper
27th Aug 2013, 21:38
Dont old volcanic landscapes tend to be very fertile? of course old has no meaning for a volcano.