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26th Aug 2013, 02:09
In a flat expanse of southwest Las Vegas, six miles from the gaudiness and glitz of the Strip, sits the massive South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa. Enter its cavernous “gaming floor” and one is immediately pulled into a world of middle-aged waitresses in skimpy costumes, geriatric gamblers, and men in tanktops—arms invariably graffitied with tattoos—scanning The Racing Form....

James Randi, The Amazing Meeting, and the Bullshit Police - Newsweek and The Daily Beast (http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2013/08/16/james-randi-the-amazing-meeting-and-the-bullshit-police.html)

...a very interesting read :hmm:

26th Aug 2013, 02:55
I'll never forget Randi's expose (in concert with
Sixty Minutes) of the Oz media gullibility using
"Carlos" - a brilliant campaign that showed how
the popular media Down Under was (and still is
IMO) infested with gullible d!ckheads -

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26th Aug 2013, 04:40
If this Randi bloke is on a constant BS expose - imagine the potential he could find, in a large social meeting of well-lubricated pilots!! :E

26th Aug 2013, 09:41
James Randi exposes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff - YouTube

Psychic abilities... pah...!


26th Aug 2013, 11:33
I've never thought of Geller as anything other than an illusionist

Sadly not what he claimed and occasionally still claims.

He is of course a showman and a renowed self publicist, albeit a sometimes charming one (I met him a number of years ago at the Farnborough airshow and he is an interesting guy) which is why many rational, often quite prestigious people are taken in by him...

Pophoff, on the other hand (as you say) is in another category and still continues his 'mission'...



26th Aug 2013, 17:20
Then there was that dork Don Lane in Oz
who was a total d!ckhead most of the time.