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25th Aug 2013, 19:26
Thanks to the pilot of the above who kindly replied to my thread thanking him for his impromptu display over my house in Halstead Essex in June. I don't get onto this site very often as I am not really a spotter more of an enthusiastic dabbler in old things that fly. Since my dad taking my brother and I to air shows in the sixties and seventies such as Booker near High Wycombe, Biggin and the local ones to us at North Weald and Wethersfield I have never lost the fascination. Im beginning to distinguish between what's interesting to me just by the engine note, must get out more. Another thank you to the crew of the Typhoon who waved to me at Coningsby as they taxied in front of my police vehicle in June. I was there through work(need to know basis)