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24th Feb 2001, 23:20
Sorry to be so mundane as to inform you all that I went solo for the first time today.
I know that so many of you have got your CPL/IR and my achievement is only the first step - but it really was the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on!
House is on the market, handed in me notice, got a Class One, anyone wanna stop me before I start off on this slippery slope?????

24th Feb 2001, 23:50
Congrats Dizzy! You will never forget that flight ever!!! I hope you dont kill the memories to much with beer tonight!

I remember my first solo flight (Summer 96) Well.... and flew a 737 for the first time Last Wednesday!

Dont stop until you are strapping your self into the a/c of your dreams!

Good Luck!

Delta Wun-Wun
25th Feb 2001, 02:11
YYYYYEEEEEHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!Well done get used to having no money,but aint it worth it! :) :) :) :) :):


Pilot Pete
25th Feb 2001, 18:40
Well done Dizzy. Pass my regards on to Scoop and Muck! Wait 'til you leave work, that feels almost as good! tighten your seatbelt and prepare for the rollercoaster ride!

Good Luck!


25th Feb 2001, 19:43
Well done Dizzy! Did my first in October and had to go to work straight after.

"Why are you late VFE?"

"Err, well you're not gonna believe this...!"

Well done to you too Mooney!! Jealous. Moi? Never!! ;)

26th Feb 2001, 03:41
Dear All,

Many thanks for your kind thoughts!
Congrats Mooney, somehow I think there can be no comparison between the power of a 737 and a C150 - but I've just gotta find out for myself one day.

No negative replies posted, so I think I'll just get ready to blow all my savings and crack on with the job in hand.

"I am going to enjoy this!"

26th Feb 2001, 16:33


Well done and just remember, EVERY single pilot in the world whether they fly Cessnas or Boeings started where you are now. Some of them have just forgotten it is all.

26th Feb 2001, 18:50
Dizzy - nothing mundane about that!
It's the 1st milestone you have to pass. Well done and good luck with the rest of your training. :)

26th Feb 2001, 19:25
Well done Dizzy, I won't be able to recall all the X-Countries or circuits that I did while training but I will always remember the first solo. It is a big achievement and whenever I hear someone like yourself go solo, it always puts a grin back on my face to my first solo.

"Jerry, just remember, it's NOT a LIE if YOU believe it." - George Costanza

The man formerly known as
26th Feb 2001, 19:46
Well done!!!

I did my first Solo 10+ years ago but did the first Night Solo last week. That was almost as scary and brought back all of the sweats etc when the instructor got out.

Bl**dy good feeling afterwards. Thouroughly recommend it.

26th Feb 2001, 23:44
I did my first solo almost a year to the day and passed my PPL Skills Test on Friday. I'm on the way now, (start my ATPL training this Friday.)
I'll see you up the front some day!

28th Feb 2001, 00:11
I remember that feeling - just a few months back. Can't be beaten, clothes on or off! I think that is when you really know you have the flying bug.

Sell everything, take the slippery slope and remember the feeling. It will keep you going when you need it.

Good Luck.

Wil (first solo Dec 7th, 2000)

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