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25th Aug 2013, 18:25
Back in the 60's, whilst at Changi I photographed a Gannet from Ark Royal.

At the time I assumed it was an AS4, probably being used a a 'Carrier Onboard Delivery' aircraft, like the other AS4's that visited.
Subsequently I discovered this was an electronic countermeasures version, either an ECM4 or 6 of 831 FAA Squadron, normally based at RAF Watton. Watton was obviously 'the ECM base' at the time, having the RAF's 360 and 51 Sqdns there. In fact I believe 831 FAA Sqdn were finally amalgamated into 360 Sqdn.
So how often did the land based ECM Gannets get trips on carriers and exactly what would it have been equipped to do? Alas I can't put an exact date on this photo, I'd sneaked my father's old 120 Agfa camera to take it, but we were in Singapore from mid 61 to early 64.

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David Taylor

25th Aug 2013, 20:34
Air and groundcrew from 831 certainly joined the new 360 in 1966