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24th Feb 2001, 22:09
I'm going down to Gatwick for my Class 1 next month and have to travel from the north east. Trains are 70 - does anyone know of any cheap flights going? Ryanair and the likes haven't got anything going from around here.

Thanks in advance,


25th Feb 2001, 00:41
Try booking in advance from an STA travel (student travel association) shop, which you will find in universities and student towns (or probably on the net) as booking in advance (ie now) may be better than 70. Otherwise, train is probably your cheapest route.

25th Feb 2001, 01:25
If you can manage to sleep on a coach, there's one which leaves Darlington at 0005 and arrives at Gatwick at 0715. Have a bite to eat and get to your Class 1; if you finish by mid-day, you can then catch a return coach at 1240, arriving back at 2025. If you're a student, it'll cost you all of 33.
More information can be found at http://www.gobycoach.com/TravelEnq/TravelEnq.cfm
Best of luck with your medical!!

25th Feb 2001, 02:43
Cheers - I appreciate the info.