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23rd Aug 2013, 20:23
'First world problems' revealed in study - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/10262207/First-world-problems-revealed-in-study.html)

A part of me looks at lists like this and goes :rolleyes:, but like it or not rather like the road to hell being paved with good intentions it's the myriad of little things that annoy us in our pampered lives that define us. :} A chap of one's acquaintance who has spent much of the past year critically ill noted that as soon as he felt half normal all the usual little bullshit started getting on his nerves again, whereas before the primary urge to survive usurped all other considerations.Human nature ? Or are we just over indulged and heading for extinction.


23rd Aug 2013, 20:31
Bingo Mr. Jack.

It is a measure of our collective prosperity, health, comfort and freedom that we seem to obsess with gay marriage, gender reassignment surgery and 'gasp!' global warming.

Humans at their core are barbaric, brutal animals who have occasional flashes of brilliance and compassion. Only in the last 75 years or so, have we reached levels of contentment that allow us to moan about how unhappy we are.

24th Aug 2013, 01:41
are barbaric, brutal animals

Good to know you Matari...


Dak Man
24th Aug 2013, 01:50
Forget about the first World, what about the USA....?:E

james ozzie
24th Aug 2013, 01:59
I sometimes think someone from Sudan or Somalia would be incredulous seeing rows of expensive glossy slimming/diet magazines in a magazine rack. It would be beyond comprehension.

24th Aug 2013, 02:13
Good to know you too, Caco, but we both know it is true. Ever been to Kisangani, or Karachi?

Dak Man
24th Aug 2013, 02:18
I've been to Kisangani, an aid flight in '96, it was horrific, I put nearly 100 wretched souls into my Dak and had to leave hundreds maybe thousands behind to their fate. Still haunts me.

24th Aug 2013, 02:21
See you in Pofadder Matari...!:p

Golden Earring - Radar love - YouTube


24th Aug 2013, 04:07
- Worried that tablets eventually will replace laptops
- Pissed off as to the reason a laptop is called a notebook
- Laptop battery life is actually 3 hrs - not 5 as advertised
- Laptop power packs are non-interchangeable between makes
- Unable to recover passwords from a password-saving site
- Favorite porn site shut down/blocked
- A "100mb/sec guaranteed" plan is really only 10mb at best
- Finding internet offline and going through all those tests to
see if its your puter or router at fault or a bloody trojan/virus.
- Having a trojan/virus get through your myriad of software defenses
- DOA laptop parts bought from Ebay/Amazon
- PPRuNe "database error" page appearing after pressing "submit"
- Concerned that - - - will get you banned for a post he didn't like.

- Running out of milk before finishing the cookie.
- Having to clean the fridge once a year
- Butcher didn't cut a steak exactly to your liking
- Having cooked the wrong meat for a selected wine for dinner
- Forgetting what codes to look for when checking out the published
ingredients of a foodstuff package.

- Sub woofer not doing its job correctly
- Expensive headphones too trebley or too bassy
- Expensive hi-fi not shaking the walls enough at full vol.

- Expensive women's "all-natural" boob-enhancing plans that don't work
- Your favorite red nail polish shade isn't available in stores for her anymore
- Her toenails aren't polished the way you like them
- She can't get the player to schedule a recording of a TV documentary on
Lancs you've been salivating all month to see but were called out off stby.

Maybe I should simply take Chopper's advice. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wibble.gif


24th Aug 2013, 07:50
I read it too and wondered. Have people really become that ... hm, weird? or is it just the result of brainwashing by media (that one absolutely needs all this to live a dignified life)? :\
There was a program about a family living in a survival community - meaning they tried to do everything themselves. No internet, of course :eek: and much of the fun was watching kids playing outside - once they tried to decide where to hide a (dead) mouse the cat had brought home. In case she (=cat) wants it later, and make sure no-one finds it. Now, if they had been playing with the mouse, what would there have been to watch? And laugh?

So yes, I think the westeners are doomed. :E

24th Aug 2013, 08:11
I recall many decades ago there was the first world feminist conference, or some such title, (probably organised by the UN but I might be wrong as to that) to which all of the then usual suspects attended. At this conference it was reported that there was much hysterical discussion from the western delegates about the horrors of as female genital mutilation and how it must be addressed as a matter of priority. It was met with the response by the African delegates that their priority was to just keep their daughters alive long enough so that the problem of genital mutilation would be a problem.

The western lot shut up after that.

Bull at a Gate
24th Aug 2013, 13:47
My first world problem. When I wear a shirt with double cuffs and cuff links, I find it difficult to type on my laptop.