View Full Version : Deadliest jobs in US-Aircraft Pilot is #3

23rd Aug 2013, 01:00
3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers
The Job: Operate planes and helicopters.
The Dangers: Testing equipment, emergency response, crashes.
Fatality Rate*: 53.4
Total Fatalities in 2012**: 71
*Per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers.
**Based on 2012 preliminary data.

Deadliest jobs (http://www.forbes.com/pictures/efkk45emddl/3-aircraft-pilot-and-flight-engineers/)

(I love statistics)

23rd Aug 2013, 06:20
"Fishers" is #2, "Logging workers" #1.

I don't believe the 71/100,000 fatality rate = 0.7/1000.

23rd Aug 2013, 07:07
It includes things like crop dusting.

Numbers not even in the ballpark for our job.

The Ancient Geek
23rd Aug 2013, 08:52
My guess is that they have included all of the GA accident fatalities which would seriously affect the stats, they should only have counted accidents related to employment to be consistent with "jobs".

Ancient Mariner
23rd Aug 2013, 08:57
Did 1 and 2. Still alive(ish). Sensible enough to cut my time short in both professions.
Not surprised regarding 2 after watching Deadliest Catch. Stone age, the way we did it in '68.

23rd Aug 2013, 09:04
I imagine that crop dusting profession has a mortality/disability rate that is characterised by the on-going deaths/illness in this cohort due to the effects of the chemicals used early on in the careers of the pilots concerned.