View Full Version : Cathay Pilots to go on strike again.......

17th Apr 2001, 20:02
I have heard that Cathay pilots are to go on strike soon. This is due to the fact that as Cathay wants to expand rapidly, it needs morepilots to fly them (duh), but pilots already there feel that they are not being recruited at a fast enough rate and will therefore have to fly longer hours.........

Anyone else got a view on this?

17th Apr 2001, 20:12
Don't quite understand the title of your thread. I've been a CX pilot for 18 years and have never been on strike so why the word 'again'.
Point is, we've been under attack for 10 years now and we're fed up with the 'anti-pilot' attitude of our so called Managers.
The whole airline is set up for a disaster if somebody doesn't stop this. (Where is the Hong Kong CAD (CAA)).
We're tired of ridiculously unstable rosters and something has to be done soon.
If that means a strike then I believe we have the will to carry it through to the end.
Hoefully it won't come to that but someone has to give - and it ain't the pilots.
Meanwhile I prepare for the next round of pay cuts despite the fact that the Company made 5.05 billion dollars after tax profit.....