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22nd Aug 2013, 03:34

I am unable to find the information on the EASA website , I hope someone will help me.
I am about to perform a TR on B737 NG and with some TRTO I am told that I will need only 4 touch&go.With others, I am told 6 T&G are necessary.
For information, I have 2000 TT including 1500 on ATR72.

Can somebody give me informations? (FCL)


25th Aug 2013, 11:40
AMC2 ORA.ATO.125(k)(1)

If you have 500hrs on MPA the you only need 4. These are minimum times and at the discretion of the ATO and TRI on the day.

deefer dog
28th Aug 2013, 06:34
Ah, but if you train with Flight Safety, for example, who can do the base check? Any TRE, or does it have to be the TRTO you trained with? Seems that different states are applying different interpretations of the same regs!

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