View Full Version : JUNKERS 88 found

15th Aug 2013, 13:57
Anyone know what part of the Junkers 88 this is (fuselage, wing, tail, door)?


15th Aug 2013, 16:18
Nah. Definitely not a Junkers. Most likely a Yamaha accessory. :\

15th Aug 2013, 16:42
It's the disposable bucket from the under seat toilet, doubled up as a protective devise against being accidentally shot by the 'tail' gunner!

15th Aug 2013, 21:48
As it looks to be corrugated along the edge I either say Junkers JU 52 or you have dug up an old Anderson Shelter!
If you could give a location of your find might give a clue?

17th Aug 2013, 19:49
Unless you find a serial / part number or something nearby more easily identified that will give context...

You could also sit down with a set of manufacturer's drawings and work through the possibilities.

I've not been very helpful, I'm afraid.

Load Toad
18th Aug 2013, 08:49
Pray tell, other than exceptional use of irony - what possibly gives you the impression it is from a Ju88???