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10th Aug 2013, 23:47
I run a website devoted to the history of all 200 Grumman/Gulfstream G-159 aircraft.
Home Page | G-159 Historical Research Museum (http://g159hrm.com)

I am looking for information on the following G-159 aircraft in Venezuela to update the site.

At SVVA Valencia there were two G1's parked. N7SL SN. 011 and N3NA SN. 092 an ex. NASA aircraft. I have read N3NA was stolen. Does anyone have any info on this aircraft and where it may have wound up?

N717RS SN. 038 disappeared on a flight from SBEG to SVMI. Does anyone have any details?

N110RB SN. 126 disappeared on a flight from SBBV to SVMC. Any details?

I understand one or more of those may have been drug related flights.

N99EL CN. 007 is sitting at SVCB or at least it was on 04. 2012. That is the last image I have of it. Does it still exist or has it been scrapped?

At Maracaibo SVMC, there are two G1's. One is N129AF SN. 129. Can anyone confirm what registration the other one is? I believe it may be either YV-628C or YV-2054.

I have a pic of a G1 taken at Maracaibo on June 2005. The registration was YV-1149CP. Does anyone know what became of this aircraft and possibly what serial number it was/is? I have a hunch it may be SN. 170.

SN. 194 was one of the AeroPAR G1's that spent some time at Opa Locka Florida as YV-989C. My research indicates it became YV-1076CP. Anyone know what happened to it?

YV-121CP SN. 150 was reported to have hit some cows on takeoff at Oro Negro(SVON) I have heard the fuselage is sitting in a childrens playground. Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided to fill in gaps I have in the history of this fine aircraft.


17th Aug 2013, 22:39
Do you have any info on the one parked at Bacacheri Airport SBBI in Curitiba Brasil?

Its been parked there for ages.

18th Aug 2013, 09:18
That is S.N. 075. Registration PT-KYF.

Here is my page on it:
CN. 075 | G-159 Historical Research Museum (http://g159hrm.com/construction-numbers/cn-075.html)


19th Aug 2013, 15:42
Thanks scott

13th Sep 2013, 00:00

I flew this airplane,we had 2 this one and yv09cp ( i think it was s/n 024)
I have 1378 hours of which 832.3hours where PIC and 325.3 where on this aircraft. The aircraft was w/o after it landed at SVON (oro negro) which was a company maintained airfield .the supervisor t the airfield would drive the perimeter fence before every arrival we had. This particular day he had driven but after dark and there was a breach in the fence he didnt see ....the aircraft hit 1 cow(calf) with the right engine and landing gear which was taken out..the aircraft was evacuated thru the passenger airstair door.no injuries .the pilot is still a good friend and is now flying a global express.

13th Sep 2013, 00:05
This occured during landing not take off

13th Sep 2013, 08:56
There are 3 sitting on the apron Madrid Airport Spain (MAD), 2 in cargo I assume i.e. no windows. At least one was N reg.

14th Sep 2013, 05:29
Thank you! I have been told that airframe is now sitting at some childrens playground in the area.


14th Sep 2013, 05:30
Thanks, I have those well documented in the website.