View Full Version : ADI Security Who are they ?

17th Apr 2001, 19:01
ADI Security have taken over some tasks at Manchester Airport any information ?

Mike Oscar
17th Apr 2001, 19:20
ADI - Aviation Defence International.
Big at a lot of other airports and, on the whole, pretty good to deal with, but no idea what they're like to work for. Seem to be interested in getting into a number of other areas rather than just security which is their traditional field.

17th Apr 2001, 20:29
Not 100% sure but I have a feeling I saw somewhere recently that ADI have become part of Securicor

17th Apr 2001, 21:24
Yep, now called Securicor ADI and believe latest venture is to take over the wheelchair concession at STN

The Legend lives on ... OpsBoy !!!!

17th Apr 2001, 23:13
they were originally set up as a bolt on BA company at LHR years ago, took over all of BA security at bond, kitchens, profiling etc. Sold out to an american group, then recently sold out again to Securicor. Only way to be a listed aviation security company in the Uk is to purchase one of the existing licensed companies.
Watch out, Securicor is on the move...

The Zombie
18th Apr 2001, 01:34
Securicor who ?

18th Apr 2001, 20:22
cheers for the info.

Are they rated as a good company ?

Anybody work for ADI ?

Big G
18th Apr 2001, 23:13
I worked for ADI at LHR for 4 years,they aren't a bad outfit,but as with most security companies'you pay peanuts...'They certainly got into all areas of airport operations and were fun to work for.Not a great career option though.

Good luck!!!!