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6th Aug 2013, 13:53
To all those great folks who have sent me advice and sugestions as to how to fly/maintain a DH87B Hornet Moth, thanks in no small part to you I flew it home yesterday, three point two hours from the far side of Toronto to sixty mile East Of Ottawa , lots of fun, and very "British" to say the least, thanks a lot to all of you!

John Farley
6th Aug 2013, 15:09
Well done you.


6th Aug 2013, 15:47
I bet you'd like to be at Woburn Abbey in a couple of weeks time,

de Havilland Moth Club International Rally - Home (http://www.mothsatwoburn.co.uk/)

6th Aug 2013, 16:10
CYFLER, Yes I would, but am too busy on the farm/in the hangar/tending grand kids/fixing farm equipment / flying the 421 and other tasks which seem to take up ones "golden years", however, next year its a must, I having been recieving lots of great pictures from a gent who owns one in the UK and the "Moth" is a superb publication. We are actually thinking of spending a fair chunk of time in the UK if I can find a pilot to cover my 421 flying, so far no luck as the insurance company doesnt like low timers in such an aircraft.Again, thanks to all for the advice,Regards, Clunck.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
6th Aug 2013, 17:20
Well done indeed, and thank you for keeping a piece of British aviation heritage alive over there. Can you post some pictures?

6th Aug 2013, 18:14
Well done indeed, and thank you for keeping a piece of British aviation heritage alive over there
As indeed are many of his fellow countrymen doing. Certain Mosquitoes, Lancasters, hurricanes, Spitfires, etc come to mind.

6th Aug 2013, 18:46
I should be able to post some pictures in a few days, right now the electrons are not in the mood to allow it, but my daughter {who although she flies a Dash Eight for a living, is also a graduate photo person} got some really good ones of the take of at official daylight plus one minute.And fear not, this aircraft will be preserved even if I bend it as we have "over insured" it so that if needed parts can be scratch built, however, I hope not to bend it! The aircraft sat idle in a museum for a few years so it needed a good flight to get the rings ect to seat and re seal the gaskets, however it still lives up to the reputation of a "Dripsy Engine" it has already marked its teritory on the ramp!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
6th Aug 2013, 20:50
however it still lives up to the reputation of a "Dripsy Engine" it has already marked its teritory on the ramp!

We used to get complaints about that with our Chippy from the organisation where we hangared it. All part of the character! :)

7th Aug 2013, 02:07
..in the Toronto area, pretty please? To quote Uncle Roger "Ah De Havilland!"

7th Aug 2013, 02:15
"sixty mile East Of Ottawa" Is that in the Hawkesbury or Cornwall area? I'd like to see it when we come up to Mirabel to pick up "our" CSeries. Last Hornet Moth I saw was the one from the Channel Islands that Airwork always did the annual at Hurn many years ago.

7th Aug 2013, 08:54
ICT_SLB. Pick up a "C" Series? well firstly they have to get one of the ground, but delays in first flights are the norm these days for sure! Let me know when you are in the area, we are very close to the "worlds largest go cart track", AKA CYMX, if you have an interest in old flying machines the Hornet has lots of company in the area. Will PM you when the "C Series" actually levitates.

8th Aug 2013, 03:42
That might be sooner than you think.....

8th Aug 2013, 11:18
ICT SLB, We have had plenty of time to "think", about a year since the PR flaks anounced "first flight any day now", lets hope its been worth the wait before our Brazilian freinds take the prize.

15th Aug 2013, 16:37
On behalf of Clunckdriver I post these 3 pictures of the early morning departure on his "ferry flight" in C-FEEJ.

Launched 1 Min After Sunrise Photo by JoLi40 | Photobucket (http://s1308.photobucket.com/user/JoLi40/media/IMG_3646_zpsa4ea7d34.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2)

IMG_3663_zps879d264d.jpg Photo by JoLi40 | Photobucket (http://s1308.photobucket.com/user/JoLi40/media/IMG_3663_zps879d264d.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1)

IMG_3687_zps204481e3.jpg Photo by JoLi40 | Photobucket (http://s1308.photobucket.com/user/JoLi40/media/IMG_3687_zps204481e3.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0)

Hope it works !!

15th Aug 2013, 17:53
Again on behalf of clunckdriver some more pictures from that fine day - landing at the new home.

Landing CSE4 Photos by JoLi40 | Photobucket (http://s1308.photobucket.com/user/JoLi40/library/Landing%20CSE4)

Hope it works as expected.

15th Aug 2013, 19:27
That is just lovely. Thank you for sharing.

15th Aug 2013, 20:12
Thanks for posting those Jo, dont know what if anything Im doing wrong but just couldnt get them posted , again, thanks!

15th Aug 2013, 21:09
Lovely photos, thank you for sharing your pleasure with us.

Wishing you many happy hours in that lovely machine...

India Four Two
16th Aug 2013, 01:53
cd and A14,

I hope you don't mind, but I've re-posted the pictures, using the direct link format. They deserve a wider audience. Aaaah de Havilland :ok:










16th Aug 2013, 07:16
India Four Two,
your results are so much better to view than mine. Thanks for redistributing them in a good pattern.
Have sent an e-mail

16th Aug 2013, 13:10
Thanks, have also sent you an e mail, between Germany and Vietnam you guys have solved my problem!