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24th Feb 2001, 15:40
can any kind person describe the differences between these courses + who provides the former.
Many thanks.

24th Feb 2001, 16:04
The MCC Course is CRM and LOFT combined. MCC is required before adding your first multi-pilot type rating to your licence. List of approved organisations can be found at http://www.srg.caa.co.uk/documents/srg_fcl_ApprovedFTOs.pdf

JAR-FCL clearly states that where possible it should be combined with your first multi-pilot type rating, which makes a lot of sense. However, many people do the MCC course on its own - does it help you get a job? Or is the money better spent on an FI (R) Course? Who knows.

24th Feb 2001, 19:50
Very few places now just do the CRM course, since most people seem to want MCC. However, I recently did a one-day CRM course with Atlantic Flight Training at Coventry.
Cost was c.150 and was a common course with people on the first day of their MCC course. Good day, given that we have to jump through the hoop to keep the CAA happy, but much of the content is common sense anyway..

Atlantic phone no: 01203 307566

Other providers are the Guildhall University, London, Aviation Studies Dept: 020 7320 1757.

For info, there was an article in Flyer magazine a few months back regarding MCC course.

Any help?

"Take-off is optional, Landing is mandatory"

25th Feb 2001, 01:39
many thanks for responding. Flying a single-crew aeroplane, only the CRM is required by my company; the Guildhall (my instinctive choice) and 4Forces on their websites only mention MCC courses. I will investigate further with them though.
Many thanks once again.

25th Feb 2001, 02:18

I have a simple question :

Will a MCC/CRM help me to get this first job or shall I spend my money on an Instructor rating instead ?

Any view/advice greatly appreciated.

Happy landings, Superfly

25th Feb 2001, 02:28
Superfly: It depends on how many hours you've got. I would suggest that if you're short of these then an instructor rating would be a better choice, so long as you're prepared to work for b****r all until you've got enough hours. (Most people seem to think 1000 total / 100+ multi is a good figure).

After that, consensus on these pages seems to be that if there are two blokes in line for a job, the one with the MCC course probably has the advantage.

Horses for courses, I suppose.

"Take-off is optional, Landing is mandatory"

25th Feb 2001, 03:25
There is a lot of MCC/CRM crossover - but you don't get 15+ sim hours on a CRM course, so it's all theory.

Yes it does help to get a job - I know first hand that of the guys who did an MCC course at BAE Jerez just before xmas, 50% have got jet jobs already. They directly attribute their success in the sim selection phase of the interview by the airline to the time spent on the MCC.

Lot more expensive than CRM, but as you have to do it why not have it on the CV BEFORE you go for the job?

0034 956 317 800 gets you through to BAE, ask for sales. i know there are some slots in may/june.

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