View Full Version : BBC 4 30 Jul Operation Crossbow

30th Jul 2013, 21:51
Hopefully this will be repeated; the story of PI staffs at Medmenham using 3D stereoscopic photos gathered by RAF PR aircraft revealing the activity at some place called Peenemunde.

Fascinating stuff

joy ride
31st Jul 2013, 07:09
Actually, that WAS a repeat, but I happily watched it a second time! Fascinating programme, well worth a 3rd watch!

31st Jul 2013, 12:11
Saw it on a pay TV channel recently and I noticed that they interviewed the pilot who was the subject of the 944 Spitfire YouTube. He took photos of the concrete dome that was to be a V2 launch site in France. In the photo the camera is pointing up to the top of the dome!

1st Aug 2013, 16:22
I watched it yesterday and generally enjoyed it but those wing roundels on the PR.XI...

Edit: Unless I'm cracking up, the dome was for the V3 not V2 - not that they mentioned that.