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30th Jul 2013, 12:26
Some time ago I took on the job of improving the appearance of this neglected Hunter in Kenfig Hill near Bridgend. We had a large task to perform as parts were needed to secure the aircraft before any work could be done. Thankfully Hunter Flying Ltd at St Athan supplied new undercarriage stay bars to replace the corroded ones. Things turned for the better when Akzo Nobel agreed to donate the paint for the project and myself and another member of staff went to Leicester for some hands on training on how to mix the paints agents to get the best results. However this caused another problem in that the Air Cadet health and safety regulations had to be met and with the paint having a high risk factor to us we had to ban cadets from taking part in the project.

Last year, we did not get a long enough spell of good weather to apply the paint, but we were given a deadline of this year end of summer to complete the project or it would be scrapped. Thankfully this year has seen great weather, and last week myself and other staff from 2117Sqn took on the challenge head on, and thanks to Industrial Air Supply who supplied the compressor and spray equipment, we near enough completed a total respray of this aircraft. We know it is not 100% in terms of copying the original scheme, but we have achieved a makeover in terms of its appearance.

There are still some fine tuning to do by hand, and we are currently sourcing decals for application at a later date. A picture is shown on the South Wales Aviation Group Blog web pages under the sub heading "Around & About", so check it out and please do let me know what you think, but bear in mind that none of us had any previous experience of painting an aircraft.


Sgt (ATC) Richard Peckham
2117 (Kenfig Hill) Sqn
Project manager

Tony Mabelis
31st Jul 2013, 19:22
Pleased to hear that the Hunter is being cared for.........................but a thread is nothing without a picture.

1st Aug 2013, 11:17
Cant seem to find a way of getting a photo onto email, but if you go to http://cardiffstathan.********.co.uk/p/local-airfields-helicopter-landing.html and scroll down to Kenfig Hill, you will find a photo of it in the new colour scheme.

1st Aug 2013, 11:53
Does this help Richard ? Looks much better than the previous. LFH


1st Aug 2013, 12:15
How many Hunter F1 s still survive?

1st Aug 2013, 14:15
Thats GREAT LFH, much appreciated.:D

1st Aug 2013, 15:16
I 'ope you saluted it arfter you finished paintin' it Sarge ! ;)

Kieron Kirk
1st Aug 2013, 21:22

There appear to be nine survivors, as below.



WT555 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=16)F.1Pickfords Vanguard, Greenford, Greater LondonWT569 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=17)F.12117 Squadron ATC, Kenfig Hill, Mid Glamorgan, WalesWT612 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=18)F.1RAF Henlow (gate guard), BedfordshireWT619 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=19)F.1RAF Museum Cosford, ShropshireWT651 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=20)F.1Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe, NottinghamshireWT660 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=21)F.1Highland Aircraft Preservation Society, near Inverness, ScotlandWT680 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=22)F.1Anglia Motel, Fleet Hargate, LincolnshireWT694 (http://www.******************************/hunter/survivor.php?id=23)F.1Caernarfon Air World, Caernaerfon Aerodrome, Gwynedd, Wales

Well if it doesnt work one way there is always an alternative.