View Full Version : Spitfire formation Aerobatics, Sunday 28th July

29th Jul 2013, 07:34
Does anyone know the identity of the two Spitfires performing a couple of very neat formation loops over the Buckinghamshire / Northamptonshire yesterday lunchtime?

It was in the Grafton Regis / Pottersbury area.

Didn't get my binoculars out in time to get any reg numbers, but I'm guessing by the wing shapes they were post Mk IX models.

Hats off to the pilots. Only one thing better than a growling V12 - that's two of them in harmony!

EDIT. Just discovered they displayed at the Historic car meeting at Silverstone (about 5 miles away). So the aeros we watched were either a last minute practice or a fun way to kill time if they were early for their display slot.