View Full Version : Definitive book(s) about the Hawker hunter

Shannon volmet
28th Jul 2013, 13:20
Having been forced reluctantly into a form of semi-retirement, I have decided to start reading up on my favourite 50's/60's era jet aircraft and I wondered if you have any suggestions?

I am after technical information such as detail regarding initial design and development, as well as service history. Many thanks in advance.

Mike :)

diesel addict
28th Jul 2013, 18:43
Good starting point might be -

Hawker Hunter - Biography of a thoroughbred
Francis K. Mason

Published by Patrick Stephens

ISBN 0 85059 476 6

My copy was the 1982 reprint.

Shannon volmet
29th Jul 2013, 19:35
Thanks DA, will take a look!:)

Kieron Kirk
30th Jul 2013, 17:40
You might like to try finding a copy of "Hunter-A personal view of the ultimate Hawker fighter" by another member of the Project Office, Roy Braybrook.

Published in 1987 by Osprey- ISBN 0-85045-751-3.

Expect to pay a high price- I purchased my copy for 30 from Pickering in the Shambles, York, back in 1997.

Try Abebooks, or maybe Othellos in Leigh-on-sea.


30th Jul 2013, 17:49
Try 'Best of Breed' by Nigel Walpole about the FR.10. Pen and Sword.

30th Jul 2013, 18:57
If you want comprehensive, then Tim McLelland's 'The Hawker Hunter' (ISBN9768-0-85979-123-6) should do you for a day or few...