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23rd Feb 2001, 23:32
Ive just got back from Biggin Hill where I was talking to a pilot who was waiting for this famous Dutch actress who he'd flown over for the day to select a colour for her Aston Martin that she is having imported!

I was talking to another pilot last month who flies an HS125 for Billy Guiness. He told me about a time when all his pax went shooting in Jerez but one of them forgot their gun license. He then had to fly back to the UK with an empty plane just to pick up this license and fly it back.

This must be better than flying for an airline. What do you all think? Any of you planning to get into Corporates for a living? And have any of you got stories of the rich and famous being moneymad?!?

24th Feb 2001, 00:34
I would be happy flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog turds so business flying would be great!

24th Feb 2001, 00:55
Flying spaniard - if this doesnt sum up what corperate flying is all about, then you really should take a step back and think what you really want. :rolleyes:I know a guy who regularly sends his aircraft on trips to retrieve bits of paper, and he aint "bootiful" (a clue?) :rolleyes:
There are obvious benefits to flying a privately owned aircraft, but I'm not a "yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir" flyer.
Flying aluminium tubes with 300 passengers may seem a bit dull, but at least they're not the same ones every day. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

24th Feb 2001, 01:48
I used to fly a rich but not (yet) famous. one day I flew him to the coast so he could buy a boat, 13 hrs after I dropped him there, he came back....drunk...., he could not decide on the colour for the interior so bought two boats(this brand came in two colours).flying the rich and famous can be a pain, they're led to believe that they know it all cause they have the cash, slot times don't apply to them, queuing for take-off ect....

24th Feb 2001, 21:08
Flying airline passengers 'dull'? COmpared to Corporate?...you never know who you get in Business class - here are some I have flown (and met..)

Mike Palin
Some of the guys from Hollyoaks
The Andorran Ambassador
Lord Robertson of NATO
Gordon Brown

And mates in the company have flown:
Destiny's Child
Stephen Gately
The Corrs
S Club 7
John Leslie

Can any of you corporate guys beat the likes of John Leslie? I doubt it VERY much...

And I've seen Caroline Aherne and Pedro Diniz from a distance (not at the same time though)

And Gail Porter

...proceeding below Decision Height with CAUTION...

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