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9th Jul 2013, 19:54
Just a little heads up that Sea Vixen XP924 operated by DS Aviation took to the air again today. :D

It flew two sorties, one a short local flight and a later one to Yeovilton and back with Matt Whitfield in the pilots seat.

A DS engineer reports that the next flight is on Friday to Yeovilton where it will spend a few days and then fly on to Culdrose.

Managed to grab a couple of pics of the beast from the garden as it flew overhead. :)



10th Jul 2013, 08:25
Great pics. Yeovilton Air day this Saturday. I believe that the Vulcan is also there. Weather is looking good so should be a great display:ok:

10th Jul 2013, 10:57
Great sight indeed.........to see the Foxy Lady in the sky again after her mishap last year.

Many thanks to Matt Wilkes and all at DS Worldwide for all their ongoing efforts

Never posted a photo on here before..and not sure how to do it..but here goes
a few of her taxiing in after fast ground runs...and landing after the first flight yesterday .http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy234/yorky22/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2219_zps66ca43de.jpg (http://s795.photobucket.com/user/yorky22/media/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2219_zps66ca43de.jpg.html)

http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy234/yorky22/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2254_zpsf8c4fd59.jpg (http://s795.photobucket.com/user/yorky22/media/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2254_zpsf8c4fd59.jpg.html)

http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy234/yorky22/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2258_zps8452a633.jpg (http://s795.photobucket.com/user/yorky22/media/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2258_zps8452a633.jpg.html)

http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy234/yorky22/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2260_zps00897dfd.jpg (http://s795.photobucket.com/user/yorky22/media/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%208th%202013/IMG_2260_zps00897dfd.jpg.html)

http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy234/yorky22/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%209th%202013/IMG_2315_zps1e236a9d.jpg (http://s795.photobucket.com/user/yorky22/media/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%209th%202013/IMG_2315_zps1e236a9d.jpg.html)

http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy234/yorky22/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%209th%202013/IMG_2303_zps903bacce.jpg (http://s795.photobucket.com/user/yorky22/media/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%209th%202013/IMG_2303_zps903bacce.jpg.html)

http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy234/yorky22/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%209th%202013/IMG_2305_zps576f59fe.jpg (http://s795.photobucket.com/user/yorky22/media/1st%20Feb%20Lotus%20day/July%209th%202013/IMG_2305_zps576f59fe.jpg.html)

10th Jul 2013, 17:27
Yeovilton Air day this Saturday. I believe that the Vulcan is also there. Weather is looking good so should be a great displayYes the Vulcan is already there and is booked to display, but the Sea Vixen will be static only. Hopefully a display work up and DA will be sorted next week.

Good pics Yorky66 :ok:

10th Jul 2013, 20:33
Yorky, stunning pictures, thanks for sharing.

Lucky Six
11th Jul 2013, 04:32
Navy, the Senior Service - Fly Navy. Great photo and thanks for sharing.:D

11th Jul 2013, 06:06
Marcus Edwards will be smiling down on this.

Captain Dart
11th Jul 2013, 07:52
Hear hear, Lucky Six. I experienced both the Royal Australian Navy, then the Air Force after a socialist government scrapped our carrier.

I was never a happy bunny in the 'crabs'; the service revolved around poseur 'fighter pilots' who only landed on runways, and whose squadrons hadn't seen action since the Korean war, had a far lower calibre of senior officers, and the 'mess' life couldn't hold a candle to that of a navy wardroom.

Stunning photos, any ex-Vixen crew care to share some stories about what it was like to fly?? How was it at the deck?

13th Jul 2013, 16:46
Here's a bit of footage I took today of the beast taking off from Hurn to transit to Yeovilton this afternoon.

Hope you enjoy, and forgive a bit of camera wobble, by the time it came out to play I was wilting a bit in the 30 degree heat. :\


13th Jul 2013, 16:54
Brilliant Hurn..especially considering todays massive heat haze.

I believe they were hoping to pair up with the Vulcan at Yeovilton.

Great spot just there.....when they're on 08