View Full Version : Another Lindbergh solo?

1st May 2002, 17:59
BBC News reports on it's website:

The grandson of the pioneering pilot, Charles Lindbergh, takes off on Wednesday from New York state for Paris in an attempt to recreate his grandfather's famous first solo flight across the Atlantic.

Full story: BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_1961000/1961710.stm)

Lindberg junior is also trying to raise money for rheumatoid arthritis, which afflicted him some years ago and looked as if it might prevent a flying career.

A Safe Journey to him.

charles lindbergh
1st May 2002, 23:32
Good on him,


2nd May 2002, 19:51
Go for it, and may god speed..........................