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8th Jul 2013, 09:42
All, Trying to find out some info on 1356 Squadron ATC active at least during WWII. I believe it was based at Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire. I've looking to confirm the above any any other details anyone might know. Cheers // HT

Yellow Sun
8th Jul 2013, 10:41
It might be worth asking here (http://aircadetcentral.net/acc/forum/index).


8th Jul 2013, 14:03
HQAC have always made it quite clear to squadrons that they do not keep historical records of them, so please don't ask.
I would suggest the local paper at Bourton might be a good place to start.
Now if it had been 1365 (Aylesbury) and not 1356, I could have helped!
My 'original' squadron was 2204 (Chesham) Sqdn which was originally 2204 (Germains School) Sqdn and we had a trophy dated 1948 which indicated that the local squadron was originally 1414 (Chesham and Amersham) Sqdn, so there could have been a post war re-numbering of squadrons.

10th Jul 2013, 20:43
HighTow, Chevron has made a good point with local papers. Would also suggest some of the local social media sites if you have one for the area. Parish/Council records might be a good place as quite often the newly formed units paraded in local schools. The other point to remember is that originally a number of Flights as opposed to squadrons were formed in the local area also at local schools. For instance although Ely had its own squadron there was a flight in the Kings School in Ely and another in a nearby village. I think they were all numbered in the 600 series. PM me if you need any more help, just trying to piece together the wartime history of Ely sqn, helped a bit by the arrival of the Civilian Committee Minute book a few weeks ago from 1941- 46.

4th Mar 2017, 08:02
Are you still after information about the above?
I may have something that is relevant.
John (Miller)

4th Mar 2017, 16:20
BL - I might be able to help with the short period 1970-72. The Cadet WO of that time is around I believe

4th Mar 2017, 16:28
He'll be a bit long in the tooth by now!!

4th Mar 2017, 18:35
Wander, if his initials are AH then he certainly is around. He eventually commissioned, retired from that a few years ago and is now a CI. Not many go to 50 plus years with the same squadron.

4th Mar 2017, 18:36
He'll be a bit long in the tooth by now!!
Oi who you calling long in the tooth? I was a CWO in 1971 with 2204 Sqdn.

4th Mar 2017, 19:42
Oi who you calling long in the tooth? I was a CWO in 1971 with 2204 Sqdn.

But then Wander00 was offering to help in the period four years after the Battle of Hastings!!

5th Mar 2017, 11:47
Apologies, especially to AH, to who best regards