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23rd Feb 2001, 18:46
Does anyone know if there are strict requirements for the 300nm flight required for CPL issue? I have heard that it has to be from A to B to C to A. Ie. two away stops and return to base. However, can it be a flight which ends at a different airport so long as there are two imtermediate stops? Also, it does have to be all in one day right? is there a minimum distance stipulated between the two away airports?


23rd Feb 2001, 19:28
You do not have to end up back where you started. It does have to be in one day and no there is no min distance between legs as long as the total length is > 300nm. It maybe a bit late in the year now but you may want to consider doing the last leg at night to qualify as a > 65nm night flight.

Have a good one.

Mr Magoo
23rd Feb 2001, 23:54
What's this 65NM night flight stuff?. I don't remember seeing that one in the CPL requirements.

24th Feb 2001, 00:22
The night X-Cty is a UK national CPL requirement. There is no such requirement for a JAA CPL.

Old King Coal
24th Feb 2001, 00:42
I can't admit to knowing the current precise details of the UK / JAA rules, but I do know that my FAA PPL 300Nm 'long cross country' flight, of many many many moons ago - and which I did when I had only 25 hours TT - adequately complied with the requirements for the issue of my UK CPL some time later, but also many many moons ago.

24th Feb 2001, 19:53
I thought that this was for a CAA CPL. Ignore everything I said previously. I don't know about the JAA requirement. Sorry.

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