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30th Apr 2002, 21:37
As a passenger I have to stand up for our rights and would like to see the question asked "What is the most Stupid Question you have been asked from a Steward or Stewardess".

I think some of the ones I like are:

1. "Would you like an inflight magazine". When your sitting with 3 newspapers and a bundle of more interesting magazines to read.

2. "Would you like a something from the trolly...Oh have a woken you up?". Its obvious as I have had my head tilted to one side, my eyes are shut and I might be snoring (I know I dont but my wife says I do.....typical).

3. "Please place your bags under the seat in front of you". Its very hard if your sitting on the front rows. Honest....the Captain complained when I went into the cockpit.

These are only a few things but it might be interesting to have a light hearted look and see what others say, after all we got to have a laugh....thats why I fly Easyjet and Ryanair. (no reflection on the staff).

regards John

30th Apr 2002, 23:36
Do you know what would happen if you didn't offer a pax (with 1.000.000 magazines already) the 1.000.001th, THE free one?
Do you know about the pax that invariably come whinging in the galley at 10000FT that "you didn't call me for the Duty Free" after a 12 hours flight? Some of us have their escamotages, right or wrong...
Ok, some C/A are not the sharpest quill on the porcupine, but still I think we are even with all the other cathegories, pax included. Yeah, I am so happy that some are for Easy and Ryanair too :D

1st May 2002, 13:07
flying business class oneday(and being a male):
would you like the aftershave or the nail-polish?

richie rich

1st May 2002, 13:24
There it goes my dear Flaps

Feeton Terrafirma
1st May 2002, 15:52
Towering over the little blonde at the check-in desk, I waived my gold FF card and asked if I could get an exit row seat.

"Do you have a particular need or medical reason for your request?"

I leaned forward a little further, towering even more and she got the point!!

(I think she was a natural blonde ;) )

1st May 2002, 15:56
I have a sticker on the RH earpiece of my headset that says "Please wake me for meals" just in case...

Kalium Chloride
1st May 2002, 18:07
"So, are you a pilot then?"

While sat in the left-hand seat of a 747 at 35,000ft with a headset on, trying to contact ATC.

Just kidding :D

1st May 2002, 19:24
Are you really a pilot? Their d*cks are usually much smaller than that.....

:D :p

1st May 2002, 20:42
I was onced asked

"would YOU like a hot muffin, sir ?"

in a VERY flirtatious way by a lovely lady on Virgin

....made my day :)

1st May 2002, 22:04
Not to do with F/A's, but on a similar subject ...
Many times, after a long night pushing freighters around the sky, I'd be driving home and pop into the petrol station for some go-joice for the car. (This was almost always at the airport, too)

Almost invariably, even though I was in uniform, the twit behind the counter would ask, "do you have a fly-buys card?"

2nd May 2002, 04:17
I had something on the aircraft that was absolutely incredible.

I had a flight attendant Sooooo stupid

How Stupid was she?

She was sooo Stupid, the other flight attendants noticed she was stupid.



2nd May 2002, 05:59
Nearing our top of descent:

Purser: "Captain when will you be going down?"

Me: "Well I dont know. What are you doing tonight after dinner?"

Yeh it went completley over her head! ;)

2nd May 2002, 06:07
I AM here for safety, and not just because I've got big tits and a killer smile, aren't I?

2nd May 2002, 06:36
Certifying Engineer [in uniform as Supernumary Crew] is sitting in a passenger seat having his meal. The aircraft experiences an emergency de-compression and the pilot makes a rapid descent spiralling to the right in the approved manner. One of the the Cabin Crew shouts at the Engineer "Are we going down?" To which he replies bluntly from beneath his oxygen mask by nodding his head energetically. Pandemonium among those within hearing. Isn't Grammar a wonderful thing?

Through difficulties to the cinema

2nd May 2002, 07:57
When we still had a first class.......

Big fuss made as the national minister of transport + a big delegation was to travel with us to parts foreign.
Hysterical & haughty civil servants, nasty gents the lot.
Boarding rather frenzied, FA never noticed the arrival of The Minister.

Few hours into the flight, one of the arrogant gents asks the FA if she knows where The Minister is.
"Minister? What do you mean? The Minister never showed up did he?"
Look of total incomprehension on yes-man's face.

Turns out that the big, funny, loud-mouthed, happily chain-smoking woman telling tall stories and hilarious jokes in the galley for the last 2 hours was The Minister of transport.

And the stupid FA was me! :D

(to my defence, I don't live in country and she was newl) ;)