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23rd Jun 2013, 17:21
It's forty-eight years ago this month since I first flew in a Jet Provost, starting my aviating career. Just out of interest I looked at aviation events forty-eight years previous. In June 1917 the RFC received its first Sopwith Camels. That means that chronologically my first flight was closer to the Camel than to today's aircraft. Think I'll go eat worms. :{

Allan Lupton
23rd Jun 2013, 17:32
You are making some of the rest of us feel old, never mind yourself!
As a DH apprentice, I first worked on an aeroplane that would fly when I was in the 106 Fuselage and Wing shops in 1958. That's 55 years ago and 55 years before I worked there, the Wright brothers were just about making their first flight.

23rd Jun 2013, 17:34
I too feel old, this is probably because I am old!

My 1st flight was in an Anson in 1952. 61 years ago.

61 years before 1952 was in the 19th century, before the Wright brother's :eek:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
23rd Jun 2013, 21:22
We bought our Chipmunk in 1979 when she was 28 years old. She's now 62 years old (a year younger than me!). So she's been in our tender care for well more than twice as long as Her Maj owned her! :eek:

(Sold my share now, but still think of her - G-BCSL / WG474 - as 'my' aeroplane).

23rd Jun 2013, 21:53
50 years ago I was in my second term at Cranwell and on 10 June flew my first solo in one of Aunty Betty's best - a Chipmunk. Now my youngest son has just finished at university and job seeking - I just hope he has as much fun in life as I have been fortunate enough to have had.

23rd Jun 2013, 23:51
I got my first airplane flight in 1935 in an Aeronca C2, powered by the mighty Aeronca 113 that poured out 36 HP. It was my 9th birthday present. I solo'ed in 1945, 10 years later. Ten years after that I flew a C-2. Last PIC flight was in 1975. I am 87 now but still have a bit of the touch left.

24th Jun 2013, 06:33
Some good stories there, I could read things like this all day. I've got nothing but admiration for you guys, you must have some great memories.