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30th Apr 2002, 19:46
Heard that Go was looking for new slogans including the word GO to put on their future 80 aircraft. It seems with slogans such as 'Mi amiGO', 'Away we Go' and 'Hasta El Fuego' they are in need of a little help.

Being a team player, here are my top ten suggestions:

1. GO fly a kite!
2. GOt any old airplanes?
3. GOod GOlly Ms. Molly!
4. Gobbily GOo
5. GOd dammnit!
6. GO away!
7. GO to another airport because we´re not qualified to land
8. Forrest GOmp
9. GO fcuck yourself
10. GOvner

More suggestions, they need 80!

1st May 2002, 02:51
A couple of those could be a great marketing identity


"Go f *** yourself...in Barcelona"

"Go f *** yourself...in Madrid"

"Go f *** yourself...in Glasgow"

etc etc etc.

Jet Dragon
1st May 2002, 06:51
GO to hell
GOing nowhere
GOggo Mobile (one for my Aussie mates)

GO for broke
GOing down
GOing over
GOne Fishin'
GOne Off

JD :rolleyes:

1st May 2002, 13:35
GOing to buy a load of A320's!!!

1st May 2002, 13:38
GO take a running jump!!

Hmmmmmmmmm that has possibilities - conjures up mental image of guy trying to fly by flapping wings and then ...taking off on a GO aircraft

hmmmm consider this idea copyrighted

1st May 2002, 13:38
Good Grief!
Does Barbara deserve a Gong yet?
Going to the dogs...

1st May 2002, 13:44
Can't believe no one's said GO around, or maybe that's got to do with cat III as well........

1st May 2002, 14:01
GO home
GO away

Or more realistically:
GO do business
Got to GO
GO by plane
GO quicker
GO cheaper

All now copyright of me.

Ella Valet
1st May 2002, 15:05
GO Figure

1st May 2002, 15:23
GOttle o'Geer?

GOforth and multiply?

GOne to find a new ad agency?


Sharjah Night Shift
1st May 2002, 19:12
Bet they won't have

GO easy

Kalium Chloride
1st May 2002, 19:20
Go dancing. Or should that be Go Go dancing? :D

Kalium Chloride
1st May 2002, 19:23
If they launch to Mongolia, they can have 'Go by desert' (geddit? :D)

1st May 2002, 21:28
No ones said another obvious one:

GOing flying !

GOne flying !

how about

I have a need to GO (somewhere)?

How about reverse caveman slogans, for OG ?

1st May 2002, 22:05
Godfather Part II

1st May 2002, 22:33
GOing GOing GOne

2nd May 2002, 00:20
stop GO!

international hog driver
2nd May 2002, 00:37

pretty simple for oz mates but for the rest of u

as in " goan get f###ed".

2nd May 2002, 06:42

2nd May 2002, 09:02
wow, it took him all of three days or less to get banned.. :rolleyes:

Lon More
2nd May 2002, 09:08
In India
Goa way

Lon More
2nd May 2002, 09:12
And for Clydeside

Goanna no do that?
Goanna geezus a hurl?

Transatlantic ops.
Goan Far?

and in turbulence
Goanna Boke?

2nd May 2002, 16:16
Ere we Go
Go job (a go employee, as in give us a job).

Biggles Flies Undone
2nd May 2002, 16:29
G'oh! :D

2nd May 2002, 19:14
Go st.. geddit? :rolleyes:

Go Vinda Jaya Jaya.

Go lly Go sh!

...don't Go Ryanair :eek:

Go swivel


Go ing to a Go Go

Get up before you Go girl!

Is Hamrah awarding prize money at the Gatbash for the best idaes that make it onto the side of an aeroplane!:D

2nd May 2002, 19:41
For those that don't like them..

Go to *******

(Oz expression)