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20th Jun 2013, 16:29
A very nice video.

Ain't Misbehavin' P-51 Mustang on Vimeo

24th Jun 2013, 16:12
What a total delight to see such a video, and the guys who came through that bad time for the Civilised World.

But also what a sadness it brings to my mind, that I will never be able to sit in such an Aircraft and feel the life the noise and vibrations that the Merlin engine gave to the P51.

I am not an envious person, but I just wish I could have felt all those vibrations and noises the P51 had..... such as those guys did.

Well done a very nice short video.

Peter R-B

India Four Two
25th Jun 2013, 07:01
Peter RB,

I was lucky enough to have a back-seat ride in a Mustang for a "whizz round Auckland Harbour"!

Wonderful noise and acceleration as my pilot applied 60" of MP for take-off. Somewhat limited headroom in the back seat, but a great view from the bubble canopy.

The only thing that could have been better would have been a stick in the back seat!

Wonderful memories to cherish for ever.