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14th Jun 2013, 04:53
Bon chance a tous

A350 XWB First Flight | Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer (http://www.a350xwbfirstflight.com/)

14th Jun 2013, 04:58
With correct url :)

14th Jun 2013, 07:21
Try this one, though it appears not to have not started yet....

A350 XWB First Flight (http://www.a350xwbfirstflight.com/)

14th Jun 2013, 07:41
Already live here:

Airbus - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/Airbus)

14th Jun 2013, 08:07
Why does the undercarriage remain down for so long?

14th Jun 2013, 08:11
Well done Airbus. Who on earth is the stupid anchor women on the Airbus youtube channel?

14th Jun 2013, 08:12
Well she's away. Looks nice and that from a Boeing chap!


I believe it's normal for first flights not to raise the gear. Gently does it as it were.

14th Jun 2013, 08:13
Ha, 'incremental' testing of possible flying modes before going on to more routine, conventional modes. (Good answer?)

14th Jun 2013, 08:24
Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker! (http://www.flightradar24.com/#!/AIB350)

ATC Watcher
14th Jun 2013, 08:25
The live video link is not available " pas disponible" in Germany apparently .
Some PR blunder somewhere down the chain ?
Anyway good luck to the new bird, hoefully with less problems as its main competitor .

14th Jun 2013, 08:29
Try secondary, streaming smoothly through Firefox here in Frankfurt:

A350 XWB First Flight (http://www.a350xwbfirstflight.com/secondary/)

14th Jun 2013, 08:36
looks "magnifique" in the french sky

perfect Gear-up sequence. :ok:

maybe someone over there in Seattle is also watching...;)

LGW Vulture
14th Jun 2013, 09:28
Would be quite interesting to listen to if that stupid Bint had an ounce of aviation knowledge. Truly awful choice of anchor! :(

14th Jun 2013, 09:49
I love you.........but I don't love you!
Comedy gold with the CEO of Airbus:p

14th Jun 2013, 10:17
What an abysmal choice of anchor person without a clue about anything!!!
Did Airbus trawl the 'failed to get a job at Eurovision' pool?
Really really bad and so unprofessional.

SMT Member
14th Jun 2013, 10:18
She may have the look of monumental cluelessness about her, but her job is really just to have a nice pair of legs and fill in the void between the grown-ups talking expert talk. On the first point she's doing rather nicely, and that's good enough for me.

There's a fresh face playing host now, but what's more important is that MSN001 should be back on terra firma in about an hour. Looking forward to seeing her doing the low-pass and subsequent landing.

glad rag
14th Jun 2013, 10:22
Who cares, it's Freitag/Vendredi and there will be some sore heads tomorrow in Toulouse and Hamburg!!


ATC Watcher
14th Jun 2013, 10:29
20milesout ; Thanks , your link do work . waiting for the landing live ..

Espada III
14th Jun 2013, 11:07
They must be happy on board. Up to 25,000ft and 470mph. Better than earlier in the flight at 12,000ft and 200mph. Wonder if the landing gear is still down at that height and speed?

14th Jun 2013, 11:37
Amazing. The first flight of a new aircraft that will generate trillions in revenue. A fantastic marketing opportunity. And Airbus give the world this shoddy show.
It would have cost pennies (in marketing terms) to have created a polished, professional presentation that reflected well on the product.

14th Jun 2013, 11:43
Are they trying to appeal to corporate decision makers or the flying public? If the later, somebody asking "stupid" question might be just the right choice.

14th Jun 2013, 11:55
So little about the actual aircraft yet they are showing live footage of it.
It's almost as if they are talking down to the audience and I agree it is a really shoddy show.

14th Jun 2013, 12:31

First post here, so be gentle ;).

Great job by Airbus - he A350 looked fantastic in the air, although the presentation of the first flight could have stood some improvement.

Watching the live footage, I can see a small plume of white smoke from a vent on the bottom of the portd engine. What would that be, and is that normal given the time at idle after landing?.

14th Jun 2013, 12:36
It's cute from the front. Looks like a scaled-up 757 with even more scaled up engines, although it does still have that "pear-shaped" airbus plastron thing going on from behind.

14th Jun 2013, 12:55
Does anyone know why they have numbered the model variations from 800 up (800/900/1000) ? Why not A350-100 and upwards?

14th Jun 2013, 13:07
It's cute from the front. Looks like a scaled-up 757
Don't think so, looks more like a "caravelle" when the 757 was even not in the ball of his father...

14th Jun 2013, 13:13
To match its competitor in the composite airliner market?

14th Jun 2013, 13:14
Does anyone know why they have numbered the model variations from 800 up (800/900/1000) ? Why not A350-100 and upwards
Just a guess, it's maybe the -100, -200, -300, -500, and -600 were already used in other programs (A300, 310, 320, 330 & 340) but Im' not sure.

14th Jun 2013, 13:22
The 350 looks very distinctive with the new streamlined nose with black spectacle windows, the scimitar Whitcomb devices, the maintenance of fuselage cross section as far aft as possible, the close coupled engines, the small horizontal tail and the large wing root fairings extending under the belly.

All very proportionate, so that it doesn't look as big as it really is.

14th Jun 2013, 14:34
It certainly looks right; and we all know the old saying :)
The cockpit windows put me in mind of a Trident!

The first flight 'ceremony' was strange but then again I've a feeling the product is going to sell itself.

Iron Duke
14th Jun 2013, 14:43
I am Boeing through and through .. however it does LOOK the part, which is a second for Airbus ( 1st .. A330). I am sure it will prove to be very successful ...

I agree .. it is a sloppy TV production, for what is probably not a sloppy product ...

14th Jun 2013, 15:37
A350 XWB: A350-800, A350-900, A350-1000 - A350 photos, pictures, A350 videos, A350 3D view | Airbus | Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer (http://www.airbus.com/aircraftfamilies/passengeraircraft/a350xwbfamily/)

I played around with the 3-D toy at the airbus site, to get a look at her from varying angles.

A beautiful bird. :ok:

14th Jun 2013, 15:44
I believe that the Captain was Airbus chief test pilot - a buccaneer mate from way back.

Mr Angry from Purley
14th Jun 2013, 15:57
The A350 was ready 3 days ago except it couldn't take off due to the French ATC strike :\

14th Jun 2013, 16:27
Cute as a button! - Coincidentally I've just been watching the gorgeous Thompson Dreamliner doing circuits over my garden near Robin Hood. I can't believe how quiet it is. - If AB have pulled the same trick living near airports is going to get a lot easier.
Not that it bothers me.

14th Jun 2013, 17:47
"Robin Hood". Where's that?

14th Jun 2013, 18:03
Robin Hood Airport (http://www.robinhoodairport.com/)

14th Jun 2013, 19:37
.. who live in a Nintendo world so far from reality.

Not long ago a first flight was to see if it flies.

Then to see whether it crashes on landing.

Today was not a simulator. Those pilots were risking
their lives and you complain about the tv presentation.

Believe me, the show was not marketing and has no impact on sales. Customers don't
care about the tv nor your opinion. This was a demonstration of engineering excellence.

Anoraks should be banished to an infested spotter's dungeon where they belong.

It was a real, dangerous, first test flight. Better understand that and rejoin the real world.

14th Jun 2013, 20:04
Your last sentence, Here Here!

Cows getting bigger
14th Jun 2013, 20:37
I know it is very subjective, but to me the 350 seems far 'easier on the eye' than the 787. It will be interesting to see if both bring the promised efficiencies.

Guest 112233
14th Jun 2013, 20:45
We actually saw the engineer close the door prior to departure: no body would have missed the shots of the 1st & 2nd test pilots in their bone domes waving to the on lookers - Airanauts to a tee. (Echo's of a wave to the camera' by one L . Beleriot my sub concious clicks)

What makes a test pilot ? hardly a Brucie's play your cards right: sort of question that was answered properly before & after the landing.

As a minority of one, I actually enjoyed the spirit of the coverage a lot - better English than a BBC attempt too.

And as a last nudge - the enthusiasm of that CAT III Shaped bloke from RR called to the photo-call made my day. ("the engines performed perfectly" )

(Edit: credit to Tofeeze for his/hers post - from Mike, I agree with your perspective of a bit of history being made.)

14th Jun 2013, 21:36
Speaking of the uncertainties, did you notice how the crew was dressed?

All had helmets and parachutes...


and an emergency escape was built into the airframe...

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQnTb5eWeVor0JsqK4MCfuN0UUXO03ionM5G1WbOlw DEw5ZDRnX

14th Jun 2013, 21:48
How come that the nose of the 787 and the 350 look so similar? New aerodynamic design converging to the best form on both?

15th Jun 2013, 02:50
Because they both copied the DH Comet nose.

15th Jun 2013, 05:13
It was a real, dangerous, first test flight. Better understand that and rejoin the real world.
Really well-stated.

To aviators watching a new airplane fly, yesterday was a thrilling and emotional day, and the ship is pretty to boot. Nobody recalls what minutae the naysayers sniff and pick at except that some did so. The rest enjoy this rare aviation moment for what it is. I would LOVE to fly that airplane.

15th Jun 2013, 06:13
Landing gear retraction here:
Airbus A350 XWB The delicate retraction of the landing gear . Le train d'atterrissage. - YouTube

ATC Watcher
15th Jun 2013, 07:44
The A350 was ready 3 days ago except it couldn't take off due to the French ATC strike
yes, nice troll, but for info Airbus has its own staff/ areas/airspace/frequencies around Toulouse.

Great Flight ! looking forward to see it flyby in Le Bourget next week.

15th Jun 2013, 08:55
Because they both copied the DH Comet nose.Probably taking the comet picture in 16:9 format and then watch it on a 3:4 screen...
The Comet nose was much slimmer than those new blunt designs aiming at the maximum cross section already for the first row of passengers.
The plane is a real beauty, but itīs not about the nose...

15th Jun 2013, 09:07
I knew I'd seen that nose somewhere before:

http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a341/nw969/CdeG_zps344e10d6.jpg (http://s14.photobucket.com/user/nw969/media/CdeG_zps344e10d6.jpg.html)

It'll be interesting to see how the A350XWB vs. B-787 competition will go....

ATC Watcher
15th Jun 2013, 09:26
It'll be interesting to see how the A350XWB vs. B-787 competition will go....
At least AB got the battery configuration sorted out.. thanks to Boeing live testing...

I think a lot of people in Seattle are crossing their fingers that no more "battery thermal excursions" do occur in the next 24 months. But batteries aside, the real test will be to see if the the glossy brochure promised specs and savings % are really there.., So far they are not in the 787 I was told. If the 350 is the same , then it will be a 50/50 market share as usual , but if the 350 hold its promises, ad the 787 cannot improve and meet them , then it is a done deal I would say .

Watching how some major airlines react in the next months to their options /order options will also be a good thermometer.
United has currently 25 A350 + 50 Options and 50 B787 on order.
Qatar has currently 80 A350 on order and 30 B787

15th Jun 2013, 09:37

Yes the presentation was shoddy and unproffessional:\ pity as the A/C looks good and they have orders for I think the figure was 674 looks like a big hit for Airbus. They seem to be surging ahead.

15th Jun 2013, 12:10
Hi All,

Could anybody explain the different tests that A350 had to be checked during its first flight?

They had to carry out a real stall? In landing configuration, take off configuration...

Any test pilot here...? :)

15th Jun 2013, 13:03
ATC Watcher - But batteries aside, the real test will be to see if the the glossy brochure promised specs and savings % are really there.., So far they are not in the 787 I was told

Quotes from ANA CEO was that the 787 was exceeding fuel specs.

Earlier 787's were overweight. Significant weight savings further down the production line.

15th Jun 2013, 13:15
New here just a thought I bet BAe wish they hadn't sold airbus wing production to eads/airbus Think of the profit they could have made

15th Jun 2013, 13:16
looking forward to see it flyby in Le Bourget next week.
Is that a cert?

Anyway, I am too far East to have seen it airborne yesterday. Had to be content with the Fouga Zephyr whistling around overhead here at the same time. :ok:

15th Jun 2013, 14:26
Is that a cert?It's certainly not confirmed.

But it's inconceivable that Airbus would miss the opportunity to showcase the aircraft if it's do-able.

It's reportedly grounded for a few days pending analysis of the results from yesterday's first flight, so midweek for a Le Bourget flyby sounds like a good bet.

15th Jun 2013, 15:39
windows per A380...

the nose gear retract looked really strange on the test flight...


not sure if the mics for the broadcast were strategic, but that ac was very, very quiet...

787 vs 350 window config...


15th Jun 2013, 15:59
With just 1.5 hours flying time on any new type with the crew wearing parachutes and helmets, it seems inconceivable that they would do an air show fly-by. In addition, considering the A320 crash at the same air show 25 years ago, you would think they would want to apply more than average caution.

15th Jun 2013, 16:05
1.5?? FWIW it was a 4 hour flight...but I take your point.

15th Jun 2013, 16:09
The crash was also at a different airshow...

15th Jun 2013, 19:58
Like the skylight, or is it an astrodome?

16th Jun 2013, 03:24
that ac was very, very quiet...Well, if 4 RR Trents on the A380 are remarkably quiet, 2 RR Trents with even a higher bypass ratio are expected to be very, very quiet.
One of the rare win-win situations in aviation, if you want to save fuel, you become quiet. Unless you switch back to propellers...

Capn Bloggs
16th Jun 2013, 04:34
Unless they were going quick (a few knots for Pierre?), the approach deck angle looks much lower than standard airbii 330/340. There was also a massive flare...

16th Jun 2013, 06:45
I would assume that on the first approach on the first flight they probably added 20 - 40 knots to a theoretical Vref, just to make sure, which would explain the slightly nose down or "flat" attitude during the final approach and the pronounced flare..they may have found some stuff during the slow speed trials up in the air where the control laws probably need some finetuning...

16th Jun 2013, 15:23
No one said anything about how many months/years late the first flight was, which I take to mean it was approximately on schedule. If so, that's a big cheer from me - being horribly late aka 787/380 puts circus-clown faces on management and costs the company hugely, and both over-budget and late just might trickle down to influence how last-minute design 'adjustments' are implemented and thus design quality.

16th Jun 2013, 16:12
I think that the interior was with its cables and tubes in sight...I would assume that they needed to check pressure and temperature of fuel, oil, hidraulic, pressurization, air conditioning etc...as well as the electric system.
Is there a test pilot to explain how is developed this kind of flight? :)

16th Jun 2013, 16:28
No one said anything about how many months/years late the first flight was, which I take to mean it was approximately on schedule.Not quite. Friday's first flight was just over a year behind schedule, with the A350-900 originally due to have entered service about now.