View Full Version : Boeing 720 sightings ?

30th Apr 2002, 11:50

Is anybody aware if the following Boeing 720's are still operating
I would really appreciate confirmation especially if anybody has actually
seen these frames recently and from which airport.

C-FETB B720 Pratt and Whitney Canada Testbed.
N720PW B720 Pratt and Whitney Canada Testbed.

HZ-KA4 B720 Exec

N720H B720 Honeywell Testbed.

N720JR B720 Exec

Many many thanks in advance.


1st May 2002, 00:59
C-FETB is still flying out of CYHU.

You can do a search somewhere here (http://www.tc.gc.ca) to get all the info you want about it.

6th May 2002, 21:42

This is a link to a landing shot of N720H at KPHX just three months ago. I gather that it is a regular flier from there.

www.airliners.net is an excellent and constantly updated resource but it has no recent photos of your other queried airframes other than C-FETB shown at KPBG last August. I would take this as a fair indication that the others are no longer flying and may even be scrapped.

Have you consulted some of the better enthusiasts' publications (such as Air-Britain's) which track fleets and airframes in detail?

Red Spitfire Driver
10th May 2002, 15:10

Spent an enjoyable afternoon in October sitting on the rooftop car park at Pheonix. N720H landed on northern runway - it has an 'extra' engine beside the co-pilot window. 5 engined 720 pretty good, unfortunatly wrong side for me so unable to get photo.